Bridget Boland


Bridget is a writer, a reader and a lover of life. Her favorite things include coffee, all things Minnesotan and laughing.

The Season Of Sadness: 12 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

By Bridget Boland
Ah, November. While many of us are still enjoying fall weather across the country, we know the inevitable winter season is about to hit. Cold temperatures, minimal daylight and hectic schedules equal winter gloom hitting hard in the cold months. We…

The Jeremy Meeks Complex: How To Explain Why America Is Head-Over-Heels For A Criminal

By Bridget Boland
Jeremy Meeks. By now, most of us know the name and have seen the mugshot. The virtual hysteria his photo launched has made the sexy felon a household name. No doubt, his chiseled bone structure and piercing blue eyes have captured the hearts of…

Is It Time To Call It Quits? When To Know A Relationship Is Over

By Bridget Boland
We are the generation twice removed from the Cleavers; the aftermath of the rise in divorce rates. We have seen all kinds of relationships modeled for us. In some ways, this transparency of what happens in other marriages is helpful, but it also…

If Used Correctly, Your Vulnerability Can Actually Be Your Strongest Asset

By Bridget Boland
"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they’re never weakness." - Dr. Brené Brown Vulnerability. Even the sight of this word written down can make our stomachs twist, brows sweat and…

Learning To Redefine Friendships: When It's Worth It And When It's Not

By Bridget Boland
By your mid 20s, you have probably accumulated friendships from many avenues of your life. You have friends from your hometown, your high school, from college and from your professional life. You have friends who you just met and friends from whom…

The Importance Of Finding Yourself In Your 20s

By Bridget Boland
Our generation is often associated with introspection — working to understand the how and the why of our decisions. When asked the question, “Tell me about yourself,” many of us respond with facts. “I work at X company, I graduated from Y…