Arielle Tschinkel

Arielle has been a freelance writer with Scary Mommy since 2021. She writes lifestyle features, covering everything from the latest social media beauty and skincare trends to health and wellness, relationships, and beyond. She regularly interviews doctors, experts, and celebrities alike to create engaging, informative stories. She tackles every subject with care and sensitivity, and she’s always striving for inclusivity in language and in her reporting. She’s passionate about the Scary Mommy mission and loves connecting with women through her words and her work.

As a full-time freelance writer for nearly a decade, you’ll find Arielle’s writing all over the internet. Currently, she contributes to Apartment Therapy and Oprah Daily, and in the past she has written for, Women’s Health (print and digital), SheKnows, Insider,,, and many others. She is a graduate of New York University with a B.A. degree in journalism and sociology.

Prior to her life as a freelancer, she worked as an executive assistant and marketing coordinator in skincare and fashion. She always hoped to find her way back to writing, though, so when the opportunity arose for her to start from scratch, she dove in headfirst and has never once looked back.

When she’s not covering the latest TikTok trends, Arielle loves to hang out with her husband and their Bernedoodle, Bruce Wayne. She loves to travel the world and feels right at home whether she’s wandering the streets of Tokyo or cozied up in a hotel room in the Catskills. She’s currently working on her first novel, a mystery which she hopes will find its way into the sand-covered crevices of many beach bags in the near future.

Feel free to say hi on Instagram and read more about her experience on LinkedIn.