Anna Davies

Anna Davies is an award-winning reporter, essayist, and young adult novelist specializing in lifestyle content, including relationships, sex and sexuality, personal finance, the psychology of money, parenting, mental health and more. She started her career at magazines, including working on staff at Redbook, Cosmopolitan, The New York Post, and Refinery29.

Anna’s freelance work has appeared in publications including Bustle, Conde Nast Traveler, Elite Daily, Elle, The New York Times, New York, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape and Self. Her personal essays have won awards, including acceptance in the 2014 Amtrak Writer’s Residency Program. One of her essays was featured as a New York Times Modern Love selection. She has ghostwritten ten New York Times bestselling young adult novels. Her copywriting includes work on the Webby-nominated relaunch of Happy Money, a personal finance startup focused on millennials. She holds a personal finance counselor certification, and frequently works with fintech and insurtech brands on content strategy. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City.

Anna is a solo parent of an 8-year-old and lives in Jersey City, NJ. She loves traveling (favorite destination, Costa Rica) and is always looking for the next place to explore. She can be found on Instagram @babybackpacker.

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