Zodiac Signs On Dating Apps Aren't Always A Dealbreaker, But Tread Carefully

by Annie Foskett

When I hear the word "zodiac," I think of Zodiac, the 2007 David Fincher thriller about the Zodiac Killer. While I enjoy reading my horoscope and pondering what a stereotypical Scorpio I really am, I'm also really into movies and true crime. This is all to say that if I were to see a zodiac sign emoji on a dating app bio, I probably wouldn't even notice it. It's not really my thing. But if it's your thing, should you include your zodiac sign in your dating app bio, or is it a dealbreaker?

It is my strong opinion that when it comes to dating and life in general, you should do what you want to do and not worry about molding your Tinder bio, leg-shaving preferences, or career path to satisfy anyone but yourself. Life is too short for that noise. Now that I've emboldened you, I'm also going to throw a big question at you — what does putting your zodiac sign in your dating app bio really achieve? Well, according to the people below, it all depends on who's looking at your profile.

If you're a Taurus and it just so happens your match is a Leo, you should still go out once and give it a try, despite not being compatible according to the charts. You never know! If you're worried about what others might think about you putting your sign on your dating app profile, fear not, I polled Redditors to get their takes. Here are a few perspectives.

First, Some Male Responses. It All Depends On Context:

"It depends on how serious they present it as being. I think it's a fun and silly thing to think about, but find it irrelevant for making any type of decisions so it doesn't really hurt and can be a silly conversation starter, but not much else. If it's presented as serious, I find it rather off-putting."


Why so serious? IT'S JUST THE STARS PREDICTING YOUR FUTURE! (Just kidding.)

But Overly Intense Fans Of The Zodiac Have A Particular Reputation:

"I appreciate it, because it lets me know were probably not going to work out. Saves me some time."


But also, be yourself. Because if you live and die by the stars and your partner is going to judge you for that, shouldn't you know from the get-go?

Still, Other Responders Felt Pretty Indifferent:

"Don't care. Hopefully it gives me a better shot with them, but I don't post mines so I guess it's really irrelevant."


Fair enough. Don't judge a human by their bio.

And It's Not A Total Dealbreaker:

"It's cringey. It isn't a dealbreaker alone, though. But combined with other "yellow flags" it may be a reason for me not liking the guy. If the guy starts talking about it, asking my zodiac sign, making whole assumptions about it, etc. then it's a big reason for me to lose interest, unless everything else about him is really cool."


I would say this is the most thoughtful reply I saw on Reddit — it may not float your boat, but a zodiac sign is no reason to swipe left on someone.

Women Mostly Agreed That Zodiac Signs Are A "Nope":

"Helps me filter them out of search results. Same for Myers Briggs."


I do agree on the Myers-Briggs results... especially when they claim to be an "introvert" while broadcasting their personality on the internet.

And That It Depends On How Seriously The Person Takes Astrology

"Harmless. They're just fun to different than 'What Type of Cookie Are you?' or ;What is Your Spirit Animal?' quizzes. If they made life decisions based on their zodiac, however...that's a different story."


This person's open-mindedness is the attitude we should all strive to have while dating.

And That It Depends On How Seriously The Person Takes Astrology

"No, I don’t believe that the stars and planets have anything to do with my personality- but personality typing is facilitating. Humans have been invested in these systems for thousands of years. I like discussing these sorts of systems (enneagram, Myer’s Briggs, etc.) along with child psychology, and the behavioral sciences. Its lead to some very interesting, and enlightening stuff. You don’t have to believe in astrology to be interested in why humans have believed in astrology."


This user also added that it's simply "fun to think about." This feels like a really healthy take on what may or may not interest someone in astrology, and I dig it.

But Other Users Took It As A Major Red Flag

"They may be the exception, but the handful of guys I've messaged who were aware enough of their zodiac sign to mention it, also managed to mention enough red flags to stop every motor race that ever started within about the first ten messages. I'm very, very wary of them."


Sounds like peppermind encountered quite a few duds, but don't we all stereotype based on past experiences?

And Some Other Women Just Do It For Fun

"I put my sign (Aquarius) but don’t mention anything else about astrology on my profile. I sometimes read compatibility among signs but don’t take it at heart. It’s just something fun I like to do. I wish it also gave the option for Chinese zodiac symbols because I prefer those better. As for Myers-Brigg personality type, I usually ignore them."

Sounds like another pretty normal thing to do, and also like something that would attract likeminded people who have similar interests as you.

At the end of the day, my position remains unchanged: post your zodiac sign if you want to, and don't post it if you don't want to. If you're looking to cast a wide net, be aware that there are some (many) people out there who have preconceived notions about what having your zodiac sign on your dating profile means about you as a person, so you may want to keep that info as a conversation-starter for later. Either way, remember that it's just a dating profile, and you can portray yourself however you'd like!

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