The Unique Struggles Each Zodiac Sign Faces When She's Going Hard At The Gym

by Georgina Berbari

If you're dedicated to the #gains, you know that there are so many different struggles you can experience when you're going hard at the gym. From that chick hogging the elliptical, to feeling like you sprained your entire body after doing one too many burpees, that healthy lifestyle can be challenging AF. And yes, you better believe different zodiac signs at the gym each have their own unique set of struggles that are determined by the stars.

Astrology can tell you virtually everything and anything about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, flaws, preferences, desires, and attitudes toward life. And buried within all of that information are those weird quirks that you probably don't even realize you're taking into the weight room with you. For example, if you've ever skipped a workout to stay home and have a little fun between the sheets with an SO instead, you are 100 percent a Scorpio.

All of the zodiac signs have something weird they do more often than not, especially when it comes time for a hardcore sweat sesh (I'm talking about the gym now, not sex — chill out, Scorpio).

Anyway, here's how each zodiac sign rides the struggle bus when it comes time to hit the gym and sweat it out.

Aries Is Way Too Impulsive

You can always catch an Aries hitting the gym to work some major anger out, but all that energy can lead to you being impulsive AF, girl.

Whether this means stacking way too much weight onto the barbell when you're just not there yet, or attempting to slide into a split during your cool-down (and pulling a hamstring in the process), you need to chill.

Being impulsive can be fun and all, but this is probably not the time and place for your spontaneous spirit.

Taurus Pisses Other People Off Because They're Slow AF

Taurus, you are the girl hogging the elliptical. I'm sorry, but everyone in the gym probably hates you, even though I know you're really not doing it on purpose.

You might want to start setting a timer on your phone though, so you don't create a bunch of angry enemies. Respect the 30-minute limit, fam.

Gemini Needs A Gym With Wifi, Or It's Game Over

If the wifi in the gym isn't working, Gemini will actually pick up their sh*t and leave, period.

Their gym time consists of cardio and catching up on Instagram stories — oh, and posting Facebook statuses about the latest fitness trends, because they. Know. Everything.

Cancers Smell Up The Whole Weight Room

You know when you're chilling on the ab mat and all of a sudden it smells like someone stashed a week-old burrito somewhere in the depths of the free weights?

Nah, there's no Mexican food hiding anywhere; that was just Cancer letting it rip. The Cancer zodiac sign rules the stomach, so it's not really their fault that they can't hold it in.

It might be in your best interest to hit up the gym when it's not that crowded — or not, I mean, everyone farts, right?

Leos Are Competitive And Prone To Injuries

Leos literally turn everything into a competition. If you're next to them on the treadmill, you probably don't even know it, but you're racing.

Because of this, girl, you get injured on the reg. If you just slowed down a bit, you could resolve this struggle in an instant. But no sir, life is a race and you're in it to win it.

Virgos Are Germaphobes

TBH, Virgos could get a killer workout in in about 45 minutes, but they spend so much of their time aggressively wiping down the machines and depleting the hand-sanitizing dispenser, that the sweat sesh becomes an afternoon-long activity real fast.

If your gym ever looks especially sparkly and spotless, you can probably bet money that a Virgo just came through and made some gains.

Libras Get Too Distracted Looking For Their Soulmate

Libras are romantics at heart, which is endearing and all, but they get super distracted from their fitness goals real quick.

Look, I'm not saying you can't hit on your personal trainer, but like, you're wasting your money if you don't actually do the workouts. You can have the best of both worlds, if you really want to!

Scorpios Exhaust Themselves Through...Other Activities

As you now know, Scorpios are literally insatiable when it comes to sex. Sometimes they might ditch leg day for their own take on "hump day," and before they know it, they get into a groove of throwing their fitness routine out the window for a more "satisfying" schedule.

But other times, they'll get super freaky in bed, burn a couple hundred calories, but insist on a challenging workout anyway, totally exhausting the living daylights out of themselves.

It's all or nothing for you, girl, but balance is key to hopping right off that struggle bus.

Sagittarius Wastes 20 Minutes Taking Mirror Selfies

Sagittarius basically needs to be the star of the show 24/7, and this means mirror selfies galore.

I mean, if you've got it, flaunt it, but don't waste money on a gym membership you're not even using, you feel me?

Capricorns Sweat On Top Of Their Old Sweat And DGAF

Capricorns have a habit of disregarding their hygiene sometimes, and can go without showering for days, even after a sweaty, strenuous workout.

I know you're probably thinking, "Oh, well I went to the gym today, and I'm going tomorrow morning, so what's the point of showering anyway?"

Sweat on sweat on sweat is. Not. A. Look.

Aquarius Would Rather Be Hiking

An Aquarius will force herself to go to the gym because she thinks it's what she's supposed to be doing, but TBH, she's likely dreaming of a nice hike through nature the whole time.

If your heart's not in it, skip it, girl! You'll stop dreading workouts if you move your body in ways you genuinely love.

Pisces Needs To Meditate After A Workout, Or They'll Lose Their Sh*t

Pisces are creative and artistic AF, so they really can't just stick to a purely body-based exercise. They always need that mind-body connection, so you'll likely see them hitting up yoga on the reg.

However, when they do go hard at the gym, they absolutely need to meditate after the fact.

Honestly, sh*t might get scary if they don't.