Zendaya & Jacob Elordi’s Astrological Compatibility Could Be Euphoric

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Euphoria fans will be stoked to hear that Rue and Nate — whoops, I mean Zendaya and Jacob Elordi — are reportedly dating IRL. While neither party has confirmed the romance, the two have been spotted together twice — first in Greece in August 2019, then later keeping a low profile at a Los Angeles movie theater on October 12. Elite Daily previously reached out to representatives for both Zendaya and Elordi, but did not hear back in time for publication. If the reports are true, it's good news for the stars (pun intended). Zendaya and Jacob Elordi’s astrological compatibility is proof these two might not be the "perfect" match, but they really can complement each other with a little bit of dedication.

Zendaya was born Sept. 1, under the sign of Virgo. Elordi’s birthday is June 26, which makes him a Cancer. This is an interesting combination because both signs generally want stability and crave a secure connection with a partner, and in one another they can find a truly ideal love. But first, they'll probably have a few obstacles to jump. Here’s why the stars say they have potential if they can get over their early rough patch.

Virgo & Cancer Generally Want The Same Things In A Relationship.
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When it comes to matters of the heart, both Virgo and Cancer are usually on the same page. They want a partnership built on security and emotional connection. Both signs are open to settling down and creating a life with someone. They tend to avoid flings, preferring partners that want something real and lasting. In each other, they can find that kind of devotion and willingness to stick together through the good times and bad. This is why there's often such a strong foundation of trust in Virgo-Cancer partnerships.

They Can Bring Out The Best In One Another.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer has a deep connection to their emotions. They feel their emotions profoundly, which can be both a strength and a struggle in relationships. With the right partner who appreciates them and their willingness to give their whole heart, they can create a powerful bonds. But for signs that are less comfortable with overt emotion, Cancer can be too intense.

Virgo, on the other hand, tends to take a much more rational approach (like most earth signs), intellectualizing rather than allowing themselves to really feel things. While it might sound like that makes Cancer and Virgos opposites, they can actually create a beautiful balance, with Cancer helping Virgo connect to their softer side, and Virgo grounding Cancer when they're too far into their feelings.

Where They Struggle.
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A Virgo and Cancer partnership is full of potential, and can easily become a life-long connection. That is, if they're able to avoid the early pitfalls that can prevent the bond from forming properly. Sensitive Cancers are not always able to handle critical Virgo. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo has the gift of communication. While this is definitely a strength, they can sometimes be a bit too forthcoming with their thoughts and constructive criticism. While it comes from a good place, Cancer is not always able to receive it in that spirit. Once Cancer drops their shell, it's all softness and vulnerability inside, so Virgos’ pointed words can easily wound Cancer. This, in turn, puts Cancer on the defense, and they can begin lashing out. This can build walls between two people quickly, effectively ending what could have been.

One of the best ways to avoid that early stumbling block is to begin from a place of friendship, so that you can actually get to know one another before any romantic pressure, feelings, and vulnerabilities, are involved, whether that’s by hanging out with mutual friends, or perhaps in the workplace (like a TV show set, just saying). Getting to know one another allows for time to build trust, so that when sensitive Cancer and critical Virgo butt heads, they can fall back on the foundation they’ve previously developed and move forward together.

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