Zara's Latest Collection Just Solidified Neon Everything As A Major Mood This Year

The immediate future looks bright. Like really, really bright, at least so far as fashion is concerned. Zara’s new City Front Row collection 2019 has just dropped and at its crux is a slew of neon and candy coated hues that are so cheery and eye-popping that they're basically wearable mood boosters. Get ready to say goodbye to that all-black and neutral cold weather uniform you've probably been wearing for the past few months. It's time to melt away your winter woes by electrifying your sartorial game, and this collection is the perfect place to start.

Every February, Zara drops a City Front Row collection, which is presumably named in honor of fashion week (slash month). This year's runway extravaganza kicks off tomorrow, February 8, so there's no better excuse to get into the stylish spirit and start shopping for your spring wardrobe a little early. Many of the pieces within the collection are super versatile and perfect for transitional weather dressing, meaning you'll be able to wear them now and well into summer. From fluorescent footwear and a bubblegum pantsuit to red hot ruffles and a slime green coat, the collection is chock full of monochromatic pieces that make for the perfect perennial wardrobe staples. Check out 10 of the best picks below and get ready to stun.

Personal Highlight

This is one coat that will shock any cold weather outfit into coolness thanks to its neon slime hue and menswear inspired silhouette. Wear this over that aforementioned black uniform (beanie and Dr Marten's included) and you'll look all kinds of rad.

Animal Instincts

Animal print isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so why not rock it in shiny navy form? The silhouette of this boot is just about as fierce as its faux snakeskin material—this is what I call a power shoe.

Be Mine

No seriously, I want this dress to be mine. It's perfect for Valentine's Day (and every other day of the year, really) and could be easily worn with fleece-lined tights and boots for a flouncy winter look. Flamenco emoji, you've got nothing on this dress.

Bag Full of Sunshine

The perfect pop of neon to pair with any outfit, this tiny bag makes a huge statement.

Connect The Dots

A sheer pussy bow blouse covered in polka dots? Sounds like a '60s dream—Joan Holloway would approve.

Yes, Pleats

This kelly green dress is uniquely cool for so many reasons, from its monochromatic color to its all over pleats to its balloon-like sleeves. Pair it with the below bag and you've got yourself a knockout look.

Boxed In

I love a geometric bag and this tortoise shell-inspired style is among the best of them. The red handle would pair excellently with a matching fiery lip.

The Cut

Thanks to the small slits up the hems of both legs, these pants are perfect for showing off your cool new shoes in.

Suit Up

Because the power of the women's suit means more than ever, especially when worn in millennial pink form.

Tread Boldly

If you need to liven up your wardrobe, these boots are a step in the (b)right direction.