All The YouTubers Showing NikkieTutorials Love After Coming Out Will Make Your Heart Soar

Anyone with a Youtube subscription box knows a LOT of drama happens in the beauty influencer community on a pretty regular basis, so seeing so many YouTubers' heartwarming reactions to NikkieTutorials coming out as transgender is just one more reason to applaud Nikkie for so bravely sharing her story. ICYMI, Nikkie uploaded a video to her channel in which she shared with her 12 million subscribers that she identifies as a transgender woman, and tons of other influencers have praised her for speaking up. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are basically blowing up with support for Nikkie, and the whole thing is giving me major feels.

Nikkie has been on YouTube since 2008, and while many a beauty guru has come and gone over the years, her makeup skills and vibrant personality have helped her stand the test of time. A further testament to her good character exists in how many of her fellow YouTubers have been quick to congratulate her on the public reveal of her trans identity. The first comment on her Instagram to make me tear up came from none other than Sandra Lee, MD, aka Dr. Pimple Popper. "I’m so PROUD of you. Who you are, what you stand for, and that you are using your influence to elevate others and to make this world a much safer, happier place," she wrote, adding, "SO lucky to know you." Another fave came from YouTuber Tiffany Hunt, aka @illumin_arty. "You are such a ray of light and positivity. Such a huge inspiration. I love you so much Nikkie," she commented. Excuse me while I tear up.

If you haven't watched it yet, check out Nikkie's video below:

Over on Twitter, the love is just as palpable. Both LGBTQ+ YouTubers and allies have reached out to congratulate Nikkie and praise her honesty and strength.

Eugene Lee Yang from YouTube's The Try Guys chimed in:

And drag icon Aquaria, aka Giovanni Palandrani, was even brought to tears:

That said, a message from Nikita Dragun, a fellow transgender woman who documented a large portion of her transition on YouTube, even had me choking up.

Dragun was quick to share how proud she was of Nikkie:

In fact, pretty much everyone on YouTube is proud of Nikkie:

OK, I was not expecting to cry today, but between Nikkie's video and the support she's receiving from her peers, I'm overwhelmed! Fingers crossed these feel-good vibes continue throughout the week and as Nikkie continues to share her journey. Shout out to the beauty community for putting drama aside for ~one day only~ to celebrate a true queen.