Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's All About Trying Something New

Last week's new moon was a chance to press reset, to gather yourself up with all your new year resolutions, and buckle down to business. Your weekly Jan. 22, 2018 horoscope is all about the new opportunities that you've created for yourself, as you'll start to notice that your actions are having a ripple effect. Any time you take action toward a goal, you'll start to notice those actions don't take long to pay off, especially following a new moon, as the planetary energy is there to support you. If you have a new business you want to launch, or a raise you want to ask for, a new relationship you'd like to make official; all of these efforts should be made around the time of the new moon.

This week, depending on the area of your life you've taken solid steps forward in, you'll start to see opportunities coming your way. Opportunities that seem to serve as an affirmation that you're moving along the right path in your life right now. Following your intuition and taking a chance to create the life you want is always, always worth the fear you encounter along the way.

Read on to see what this week has in store for you.


This week is a good time to take meetings with financial advisors, accountants, or anyone who you might need to get a loan. A flurry of planets in your career sector will make getting some extra cash easy for you. Put in some time with VIP's in your industry this week, as you're likely this week to stand out.


If you're involved in the arts, Venus and the Sun this week will be working together to lend inspiration and creativity to your vision. You have Mercury and Pluto working together on Jan. 24, 2018, to help you uncover something that was previously unknown to you. Lastly, on Jan. 25, Mercury and Jupiter join forces making it a good day for you to publish or launch a communications project.


This week will bring opportunities to transform your life, as the sun and Venus in Aquarius will light up your adventure and travel sector. You may meet someone this week who really lights you up, and the relationship will create opportunities to learn new things and stimulate your intellect.


You might want to play it cool this week, as next week's eclipse will be sure to rock your world in a pretty big way. Avoid negotiating with others by offering them an ultimatum, and try to take things in stride, as the lunar eclipse next week could throw a wrench in any laid plans of this week. Jan. 24 is a good day to talk to a therapist or professional of some kind to help you work through any issues you've been having, as Mercury (planet of communication) and Pluto (the planet of the subconscious) link up on that day.


This week is a good time to initiate a relationship with someone new, or to take steps to make your relationship official if you've been dating for a little while. Leos in a long-term relationship who are thinking of marriage, now might be the time to pop the question, because your seventh house of partnership is lit up by the sun and Venus in Aquarius.


If you've been struggling to get your message across to your partner lately, this week will allow you to make some huge strides in that department. Mercury and Pluto are linking up in your fifth house of creativity and children, but this house is also a house that governs self expression. Chances are you'll finally get the right words to say exactly where you're coming from.


This is a good week to focus on your creativity as you have two very creative planets, the sun and Venus, in the creativity sector of your chart. If you're not a creative person in the traditional sense, then you can use this energy to light up your social life in new ways, as your schedule will be jam packed with opportunities to have fun.


This week gives you opportunities to persuade others to see things your way, even more so than usual, as Mercury, the planet of communication, joins forces with your ruler Pluto. Be sure to restrain yourself if you feel you're frustrated, and express the very best within you, because your words are likely to carry a lot of weight.


This week has your plate full, and you'll notice right away that you've got a lot going on. You'll be merging resources with others to make deals that will transform your life, especially financially. Make sure you take the time to consider whether or not these are people you want to combine forces with.


You show C.E.O.-level leadership this week, especially as Mercury and Pluto join forces on Jan. 24. Mercury and Jupiter work in tandem with one another on Jan. 25 to link you up with friends, or a new group or organization that more closely resembles your value system.


Your likely to have a breakthrough this week, as Mercury and Pluto link up in your twelfth house of secrets, solitude and spirituality. Stay in tune with yourself, and with any messages you receive that could serve as a wake-up call for you, and use the insight to plan your next step forward.


Spend the first half of this week focusing on your artistic and creative life, or on connecting with your spiritual life. Mercury and Neptune are in a friendly angle and the benefits of that are you'll make headway on a creative project. Then, on Jan. 26, Mars will enter your 10th house of awards and achievements, shifting your focus to your career.