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Expect Plenty Of Twists & Turns In Your October 7 Weekly Horoscope


If you believe everything is going according to plan, think again. The stars are switching things up and providing you with plenty of excitement this week. Embrace the thrill of the ride, because your October 7, 2019, weekly horoscope is full of twists and turns.

It all starts when Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — forms an unpredictable opposition with radical Uranus on Oct. 7. This could turn all your ideas completely upside down, showing you a new perspective and sparking electricity in your conversations. While this can lead to a bit of anxiety if you're too fixed on a certain outcome, it encourages major developments if you let go of the wheel. This energy will later affect your relationships and finances when Venus — planet of love and beauty — opposes Uranus on Oct. 12. This will stir uncertainty in these realms, pushing you to seek out independence and new experiences. The strength of your emotional bonds will likely be tested, but if you're single, a new crush might develop in the process.

However, don't expect that crush to get too hot and heavy just yet. When the sun forms a square with limiting and karmic Saturn on Oct. 7, you will likely feel as though things aren't panning out at all. If it seems as though the brakes are being pumped, try not to let it suck all the hope out of you. Saturn is here to present you with trials and obstacles that will inevitably teach you something in the long run. By overcoming Saturn's roadblocks, you'll discover a horizon clear as crystal.

With Venus entering seductive, passionate, strategic, and fiercely loyal Scorpio on Oct. 8, your relationships are reaching new depths. Now's not the time for superficial connections and light-hearted banter. Venus in Scorpio wants to get to the bottom of someone's heart and understand their secrets. To Venus in Scorpio, loving someone's darkness is the purest form of love.

Like a cosmic cherry on top, the week wraps up with a full moon in prideful and brave Aries on Oct. 13. Giving you a boost of bravado and the inspiration to be the best you've ever been, this full moon is full of truths waiting to be revealed. Now's the time to embrace what it is you truly want, not what everyone else wants for you. Aries would never compromise its needs or hinder its own shine. Why should you?



Power struggles and control issues are at the forefront of your mind. You may be far too focused on someone else's feelings and losing yourself in the process. Now's the time to forget all of that and focus on you, because at the end of the day, only you can save yourself. Pull yourself up and remember you are your own best friend.


There is so much work to be done, but remember, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. If you've been neglecting your own needs for the sake of others, you are only depleting yourself. Let everyone know you need a break and set boundaries for your well-being. The world won't fall apart while you're gone.


It may not be easy to stick to your routine this week, so don't let it get you down. Instead, allow shake-ups to show you new perspectives you hadn't seen before. Forget about the rules. If you're too focused on presenting yourself a certain way, the creativity stalls. The magic develops when you allow the ego to drop, and when you see yourself in others.


There may be a new romance on the horizon, so watch out for potential crushes or creative ideas. But make sure to keep your options open, because it will likely be a passionate yet short-lived fling. If you rely on it too much for comfort, you may feel the ground drop beneath you. This is an opportunity to find safety and love from within. Forge your own space.



Your home life may be on shaky ground this week, leaving you feeling restless or uncertain. But if you never left your comfort zone behind, when would you grow? This is meant to push you away from all that you know. A project may stall, but don't allow yourself to be so easily discouraged. Despite failure, keep going anyway. Something beautiful is waiting for you.


Be careful with what you say and take what others say with a grain of salt. Conversations are outrageous right now and you're beyond fascinated with what you're learning. Money matters may weigh deeply on your heart this week, so don't judge yourself based on what you have. Self-worth is so much deeper than material things. You are already abundant.


Try not to overspend or overindulge at this time. Unexpected bills may arrive and there may be too many opportunities for extravagance. Throughout it all are plenty of brilliant ideas for a side hustle or a business venture. You may feel isolated this week, as though you don't quite fit in, but you're learning how to stand on your own in a powerful and meaningful way.


You may feel an urge to make a drastic change in your appearance, or assert your independence and individuality. Let these feelings inspire you, but try not to do anything rash you might regret later. You likely feel a lot of pressure to correct mistakes from your past, as though it's weighing on your shoulders. Don't wallow in guilt. All you can do is learn from it.



There may be secrets lurking in the shadows of your relationships this week, so be prepared for their unveiling. It may be time to face the truth of your feelings or come to terms with someone else's. You may also feel distant from your friends, as though people aren't cooperating with you at this time. None of this is personal. Everyone is dealing with something difficult.


Expect the unexpected in your social circles this week. There are so many opportunities to make new friends, but there are also opportunities for drama. Understand everyone is feeling unpredictable at the moment. You might feel like something isn't panning out in your career the way you hoped — but don't give up. You're about to reach a major conclusion about your path.


Keep an eye out for career opportunities and brilliant ideas this week. They're cropping up all around you, so don't miss out. Adversely, you shouldn't make any significant commitments yet. Some projects could easily fall through. You may be struggling to find meaning in your life, as though you're not living it to the fullest. Let this motivate you to make a powerful change.


Adventure is surrounding you this week. Let go of your need for control and go with the flow. You have opportunities to meet new people, try new things, and visit new places, so make as many memories as possible. However, you may also struggle to let go of something you truly don't want to let go of. A point of release is imminent. Surrender and give in to these changes, because you're growing.