Beautiful woman in black dress standing in forest in Halloween concept.

Surprises Are In Store In Your October 28 Weekly Horoscope


The countdown to Halloween is getting closer and closer as the veil separating the living from the dead grows thinner and thinner. There's a potent magic permeating the air and it's encouraging you to tune in to your inner voice, focus on what matters, and embrace the full extent of your power. It's time to unshackle yourself from those chains and your October 28, 2019 weekly horoscope will set you free.

The cosmos are encouraging you to break free from who you thought you were and try something totally different. As the sun forms an opposition with electric and revolutionary Uranus on Oct. 28, prepare to be struck by a thunderbolt of inspiration. Surprises are in store and you may even feel like moving in the complete opposite direction of where you thought you were going. Embrace the winds of change. As chatty Mercury blends energies with romantic Venus, a burst of creativity and kindness will wash over the cosmos. It's a beautiful time to socially connect, flirt with your crush, lavish in self-care, and create some art.

Despite how gorgeous this all sounds, the cosmos haven't forgotten it's Halloween. On Oct. 31, Mercury will station retrograde in eerie, secretive, and emotional Scorpio, wrenching all your skeletons out of the closet. Prepare for exes to return from the dead and zombie-walk their way back into your life. Expect conversations to grow ghostly and startling. Beware of promises that sound too seductive to be true.

Try not to let this spooky news drain all the excitement out of your love life, because Venus enters independent, spontaneous, and thrilling Sagittarius on Nov. 1, encouraging you to treat each day like an adventure. Don't get too hung up on outcomes and try not to be so possessive. Sagittarius is all about freedom from expectations and enjoying the spice of life. Fall in love with something that truly shakes up your day-to-day routine and opens your mind.



Prepare for your desire to sweep you in unexpected directions and for emotional connections you could never have foreseen. You're transforming in ways you never could have imagined. However, there may also be information from your past coming back to haunt you. It's time for you to take out the trash once and for all. It's the only way to move on.


A relationship may change when you least expect it and chance encounters with strange new people could bring something beautiful into your life. Stay open-minded toward others and you won't regret it. However, try not to put too much pressure on commitment and certainly not on perfection. At this time, an ex may also creep back into your mind. It's up to you whether you make contact.


It's time to try things a little differently this week. Don't stay married to a certain routine or set of rules. Changing things up might lead you toward the answers to all your questions. You could discover an even better method. But no matter what, it's vital you address any concerns to your mental and physical well-being. Nurture yourself in whatever ways you need.


Fireworks are swirling through your heart and you're brimming with beautiful, fresh, and creative ideas. Let your artistic impulse beat harder than ever. Allow yourself to fall in love with something totally unexpected and new. However, don't let this love cloud your vision or derail your priorities. A lover from your past may be returning and things may not be as they once seemed.



There is excitement swirling through your home life. Use this energy to redesign in a unique way and to discover something fascinating about where you come from. However, there may be uncomfortable issues with your family that resurface during this time. Work through these issues once and for all.


You're learning so many new and exciting things this week, so dive into your studies, brainstorm, and have conversations with other intellects. You'll be surprised and inspired by what you find out. However, don't expect these conversations to be linear. You may get lost this week and trampled by inconveniences. Don't sweat the details; trust the journey.


Look out for unexpected shifts in your finances this week and prepare for changes in the way you value your self-worth. Take comfort in the fact that external validation only gets you so far. The real abundance starts from within. Regardless, money is a sensitive issue for you right now and you may need to address the deeper implications of your relationship with it. Spend wisely.


You're blossoming and growing in directions you may not have expected and in ways you couldn't have imagined. Let yourself rebel against the constructs of your universe and break through inhibiting modes of thought. Now's the time to focus on who you are and who you want to be. Your past may be chasing your tail, but your past is not who you are. Let it go and set yourself free.



Your intuition may point you toward something strange and possibly even unacceptable, but you should trust your gut anyway. Your spirit knows something your mind doesn't. Let it lead the way. You're healing wounds you had forgotten were even there and feeling a weight lift off your shoulders. Unburden yourself from the past so you can charge into the future.


You're being led toward a new set of people and inspired to fight for a cause you may not have realized you cared about before. Let yourself be pulled toward something that is bigger than you are. Your social life is in question and you may feel differently toward your circle than you normally do. Let the truth behind your friendships reveal itself.


Your career is pointing you in directions that are new and unprecedented. Try executing things in a fresh way and don't be afraid of being courageous when you go after what you want. There are surprises in store, so let them unfold. However, try to abstain from making any permanent decisions regarding your career. Your professional status may require further introspection.


You never know where you'll end up, so let the exciting ride of this journey fill your heart. Focus on the present moment and get the most out of it. There is an adventure awaiting you and you'll remember it forever. Now's the time to rethink some of your beliefs and reframe your perspective. If you've been focusing on the negatives and forgoing the positives, work on shifting your mindset.