Your October Horoscope Is Here, Giving You Permission To Set Emotional Boundaries

by Valerie Mesa

If September was about reaping what we've sown, then October is about sharing everything we've earned with our loved ones. Although, in the midst of a relationship-driven astrological season, it's important to also take our values into consideration. Which brings me to my next point, your October 2018 horoscope is here, and it's reminding you to set some much-needed boundaries, stargazers. Let's face it: Scorpio season is already upon us, and Venus, Libra's planetary ruler, turns retrograde on Oct. 5, in the sign of Scorpio. Needless to say, the eeriness of Scorpio season is already lurking in the shadows.

Just days after the new moon in charming Libra, Mercury, planet of communication and thought process, joins Venus in smoldering Scorpio. The sun doesn't stay too far behind either, as Scorpio season starts on Oct. 23, right before the full moon in Taurus on Oct. 24. Granted, aside from the fact that it's almost Halloween, there's something about this mysterious season, and I can't seem to put my finger on it just yet. Who knows, maybe I'm being biased about Scorpio energy, but then again, why else would we celebrate All Hallows' Eve during this astrological season? My point exactly.

Anyway, here's a closer look at what's in the stars for you this month:


With the sun traveling through your seventh house of relationships and your auspicious eighth house of sex later this month, it's safe to say your intimate partnerships will be top of mind during this time. Venus will retrograde through this area of your chart, too. So, don't be surprised if you suddenly bump into an ex lover from a steamy fling circa 2014.


With the sun energizing your sixth house of daily routine and seventh house of partnerships later this month, you're making connections in the workplace and charming the right contacts. Once Scorpio season rolls around, you'll be ready to get wifed up, and it'll be all or nothing. Venus turns retrograde in your partnership zone on Oct. 5. Pay attention to the people who reappear in your life during this time.


With the sun traveling through your fifth house of creativity, and your practical sixth house later this month, you might feel an extreme shift in terms of your social life vs. your work life. Perhaps you can find balance between the two? Venus goes retrograde on Oct. 5, so beware of toxic co-workers and shady colleagues. The planet of love wants to show you something.


The sun is energizing your domestic fourth house of home, and your sassy fifth house of creativity later this month. Are you ready to come out of your shell? The planet of love and beauty (Venus) goes retrograde in this area of your chart on Oct. 5 in Scorpio, bringing shadows of past romances to the surface. Granted, you are the most nostalgic of the water signs, though, Scorpio definitely wins most vengeful. Take it easy this month, Cancer.


The sun is traveling through your third house of communication, and fourth house of home later this month. You're a busy bee these days, but not to worry, once Scorpio season rolls around, you'll catch a break and enjoy some much-needed alone time. However, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on Oct. 5, bringing familiar shadows to the surface. Acknowledge it and let it go. Venus is trying to tell you something.


The sun is energizing your second house of values, and third house of communication later this month. So, now that you've been reminded of your self-worth, it's time to speak up and say what's on your mind. Plus, Venus goes retrograde Oct. 5 in this area of your chart, so you could rekindle your relationship with a sibling, or perhaps discover a new way to express your thoughts without the Scorpio stinger. You've got this.


Happy birthday, Libra. It's your solar return, and the sun is energizing your first house of self, and your second house of values later on this month. Someone's craving a much-needed shopping day, and it's your turn to splurge. Although, be mindful of your expenses, as your ruling planet will retrograde in this area of your chart on Oct. 5. Maybe you could save more shopping money by sorting through your finances?


It's your favorite time of year, and you're taking some time to yourself, while the sun is traveling through your secretive twelfth house, before totally slaying your solar return. Venus, planet of love and beauty, is traveling through your sign, and well, you're ravishing, Scorpio babe. However, Venus will retrograde on Oct. 5, and bring some well-kept secrets to the light. I know, your favorite.


The sun is energizing your 11th house of friendships, and 12th house of spiritual realms later this month. Are you having the time of your life with your new crew? This is a great time to socialize and mingle, before going incognito later this month. I know how much you hate your solitude, but it's important to recharge your batteries before your birthday debut mid November, right? Finish strong, Sagittarius.


Working your ass off these days? As per usual, of course. The sun is energizing your ambitious tenth house of career, and eleventh house of friendships later this month. When was the last time to hung out with friends? Or perhaps attended a networking event? It's time to turn to your tribe for answers, Capricorn. We all know you're a one-man show, but it's OK to go to others for help every now and then.


With the sun energizing your ninth house of expansion, and tenth house of career later this month, you're at an all-time high. Although, be mindful of your decisions during this time, especially since Mars is currently in your sign, getting you extra pumped. Venus goes retrograde on Oct. 5 in Scorpio, bringing your professional relationships to the forefront. The planet of relationships wants to show you something.


With the sun traveling through your eighth house of intimacy, and ninth house of expansion later this month, you will be craving a much-needed adventure, Pisces babe. Besides, as much as you love digging beneath the surface, Libra season can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven't acknowledged certain areas of your life. However, lucky for you, the sun enters Scorpio on Oct. 23, bringing you enough faith and mental clarity to move forward with your endeavors.