Your New Moon In Scorpio Horoscope Is About Embracing The Darkness

by Valerie Mesa

We just kicked off the most mysterious of the astrological seasons, and if you sit with yourself for just a moment, you'll probably feel a powerful essence all around you, that's almost impossible to describe. Which reminds me, your new moon in Scorpio 2018 horoscope is here, and it's about embracing the darkness, and unapologetically standing in your power. Truth is, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there, and in the end, that is the core essence of Scorpio, and this sphinx-like season.

Scorpio is the lightest light and the darkest dark combined, as there is no meeting halfway with this energy. It is a complete mix of the highs and lows, which is another reason why its intensity is like no other. If we really look deeper, as contradicting as this may sound, Scorpio's essence doesn't fall into a particular category. This is because its vibration, uniquely describes an all-encompassing emotion of either which extreme. However, let is be known, when Scorpio is at its full potential, aka most evolved state, this energy has the ability to tap into the highest realm of truth, integrity, and emotional strength. Scorpio can easily be is its own God.

Speaking of which, there will be a powerful new moon in 15 degrees Scorpio, on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at exactly 11:02 a.m. ET. As many of you already now, new moons bring new beginnings, and with the sun and moon coupled together in powerful Scorpio, sextile its planetary ruler Pluto and trine dreamy Neptune, this is an excellent time to start again, as this lunation will be harmoniously aspected. For instance, Pluto's influence comes with passion and determination, while Neptune sprinkles its magic and compassion. With that being said, here's a closer look at what this new moon has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Deep Transformation

The new moon brings new beginnings to your eighth house of sex, financial debt, and transformation. Are you ready to start again? Themes related to intimacy, power, and finance come to play under this lunation. Are you and your partner being completely transparent with one another? Perhaps you're working on a financial plan for the both of you? Change awaits.

Taurus: Committed Partnerships

With the new moon illuminating your seventh house of relationships, issues related to one-on-one connections come to the forefront during this time. Is there something that needs fixing? Are you considering cutting ties with someone in particular? Scorpio energy is drastic, so don't let its passion and depth get the best of you.

Gemini: Routine Revamp

The new moon lights up your practical sixth house of health, and daily routine. Are you taking care of business? Is your current schedule efficient, or perhaps aligned with your well being? Something's gotta give, Gemini. Take advantage of the new moon energy, and get it sorted out. Your health comes first.

Cancer: Your Inner Child

This is fun, Cancer. The new moon lights up your fifth house of passion, creative expression, and individual truth. Are your creative juices flowing? Is there love in the air? Given Scorpio's intensity, this lunation can spark powerful new beginnings for you, in terms of romance.

Leo: Core Security

Hi, Leo. What's new in your kingdom? The new moon lights up your fourth house of family, home life, and soul foundation, so expect new beginnings in the home front. All things related to family, ancestry, security, and your roots will be highlighted during this time. This is a great time to re-model, re-organize, and re-structure your home environment.

Virgo: Your Communication Style

Oh, Virgo. Helping others is a beautiful thing, but you can't forget about your needs in the process. This new moon will bring new beginnings to your third house of thoughts, verbal expression, and immediate environment. Have you been speaking up for yourself? Who knows, maybe your self talks need a bit of love. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Libra: Comfort And Pleasure

The new moon in Scorpio brings new beginnings to your second house of income, values, and self worth. Your five senses will also play a big role in this lunation, along with everything that gives you comfort and pleasure. Financial issues can also be a theme for you, so who knows, maybe this comes with some unexpected cash.

Scorpio: Personal Metamorphosis

This is your new moon, Scorpio. You only get one per year, so let's make the best of it. This lunation lights up your first house of self, personal perspective, and appearance. In fact, the change coming can be far-reaching for you, both spiritually and physically. There's changes brewing within you as we speak, and this new moon can feel like an extra push. Don't be afraid to break free.

Sagittarius: Healing And Release

We're just weeks away from your solar return, and this new moon couldn't come at a better time. Are you getting enough sleep? This lunation brings new beginnings to your secretive 12th house of spirituality, closure, and the universal realm. The theme of surrender is being emphasized for you during this time, so don't over do it at work, or in your day-to-day. Let go.

Capricorn: Your Role In Society

You're moving on up, Capricorn. The new moon highlights your eleventh house of friendships, groups, teams, and extended network. Are you ready to say good bye to a circle of friends? Some of you might even land a new working gig, and mingle with savvy professionals, aka your favorite.

Aquarius: Professional Path

This new moon will bring new beginnings to your professional path, as it will light up your tenth house of career and destiny in the world. What's new at work? Are you happy? Scorpio loves going deep, so don't be surprised if this energy comes with drastic change. Trust the divine order. You are evolving.

Pisces: The Bigger Picture

There's nothing you love more than dreaming, right Pisces? Well, this lunation will bring new beginnings to your ninth house of travel, faith, and personal philosophy. Are you ready for that big move? Who knows, maybe you're finally taking that leap of faith. Listen to your heart. The world is yours.