Your Mercury In Leo Horoscope Is About Speaking With Authenticity

by Valerie Mesa

Mercury transits are always interesting to observe. And when you think of the messenger planet shapeshifting through the zodiac wheel from audacious Aries all the way through mystical Pisces, you can't help but admire the unique attributes that exist within each celestial archetype. Soak in your Mercury in Leo horoscope, and ask yourself how you can make the most of Leo's fixed fire, especially within your conversations and immediate exchanges. Savvy Mercury governs all things related to your day-to-day life, cognitive functioning, and local community, so there's really no escaping the essence of Leo, whether you're a fan of this energy or not.

The mischievous messenger officially enters Leo on June 26, but it will station retrograde on July 7, which means you're getting a double-dose of Mercury in Leo. This is because Mercury retrograde emphasizes the energy of the zodiac sign it's traveling through, and in this case, it's childlike Leo. So in the midst of your playful conversations and elaborate displays of affection, you need to make sure your ego doesn't get the best of you in the process. There's always a pro and con, and Leo's overbearing pride is this fire sign's own worst enemy. But instead of expecting the worst, look towards the sun, as it is Leo's ruling planet.

Here's what Mercury in Leo has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Put Your Sparkling Personality On Display

This is a time for you to dance in the spotlight and bask in your authenticity. You'll be a source of entertainment for your peers and a flirtatious lioness whenever you're around your crush. Charisma is an understatement.

Taurus: Revel In Your Personal Throne At Home

Home is where the heart is, and during this festive transit, you're not afraid to take the lead on the home front. So whether you're a mommy's boy or a daddy's girl, chances are you'll be getting all of the attention.

Gemini: Express Yourself, Don't Repress Yourself

Go big or go home, Gemini. You're a wordsmith at heart, but everything from your conversations to your grandiose displays of affection will be over the top during this time. Dramatic? Perhaps. But you wouldn't have it any other way.

Cancer: Celebrate All Of Your Wins

You already know what you bring to the table, Cancer. And that's because you probably bought that table yourself. So aside from indulging in your sensual delights and material possessions, you'll be reminded of your shiny self worth during this time. Own it.

Leo: Say It Loud, Say It Proud

It's always all eyes on you, Leo. But with Mercury the messenger buzzing through your sign, your communication will be bigger and bolder than ever. Just be mindful of what you say — your words will have a mind of their own.

Virgo: You're Getting Ready For Your Big Debut

You love keeping things on the down low, Virgo. And during this creatively-inspiring transit, you'll be working behind the scenes in hopes of bringing some of your visions to life. Don't rush the process, and keep doing what you do best.

Libra: You're Gaining Popularity

Spread the love, Libra. Despite your habit of playing the mediator role, you'll be as popular as ever amongst your team and social circles during this time. Don't dim your light. The world could use some of your justice-seeking ways.

Scorpio: Show The World What You're Really Made Of

Do you really hate being center of attention, Scorpio? Or are you secretly pretending? Whether you like it or not, your presence will be highly influential during this time, and you'll likely gain the recognition you deserve in the process.

Sagittarius: You're Expanding Your Creative Horizons

Off to the next artistic venture, Sagittarius? Mercury will actually be buzzing through your ninth house of rulership, so this transit will suit you very well. And despite your inner restlessness, this is an excellent time for new opportunities and collaborations.

Capricorn: Your Sex Appeal Is Making Itself Known

Is that you, Capricorn? You're typically the traditional type, but this highly passionate transit will bring out your inner wildcat. So whether you're in the mood for steamy romance or a toxic love affair, your sexual charisma will be at an all-time high during this time.

Aquarius: Enjoy The PDA

Sharing is caring, Aquarius. Leo is your polar opposite sign, but you also can't help but be attracted to its kind. So with mischievous Mercury starting a fire via your partnership house, you'll likely be craving some public displays of affection.

Pisces: You're Putting On A Show

Practice makes perfect, Pisces. With curious Mercury playing "show and tell" via your sixth house of work and daily routine, it will be lights, camera, action for the time being. Feel free to play dress up and take the lead. Your co-workers will appreciate your animated ways.