Your Mars In Leo 2019 Horoscope Is All About Owning It

by Valerie Mesa

Lights. Camera. Action! Go-getter Mars, planet of assertion, energy, and sex, enters charismatic Leo on July 1, which means it's time to celebrate what makes you completely unique. And while your Mars in Leo 2019 horoscope goes way beyond hogging the spotlight, Leo's attention-seeking personality will most certainly influence your actions during this time. Remember, Leo rules the heart and Mars is the planet of desire, which means this astrological transit is here to help you pursue whatever your heart desires. Only — there's a catch.

In Leo, the red-hot planet moves with confidence, courage, and pride. What gives you butterflies? What sets your soul on fire? This playful transit will remind you to follow your heart and make time for the things that bring you joy. What's stopping you from living your soul's truth? Are you afraid of the spotlight? When you love what you do, it really shows, and Mars in Leo is here to teach you exactly that. It all starts with taking action, and Mars in Leo's audaciousness and creativity is truly one-of-a-kind.

On the dark side, there's a difference between someone who's confident and someone who is just plain arrogant. Mars in Leo has no trouble being the center of attention, but you don't want that going to your head. Every astrological transit has its pros and cons, so keeping a healthy balance is key. Leo thrives on praise and recognition, and that's something everyone deserves. Though you can't expect to be treated like a leader without leading by example So here's how Mars in Leo might affect you, according to your sign:

Aries: This Is Your Superstar Moment

Expressive is an understatement, Aries. You'll put on a performance every chance you get, and you'll likely be in a flirtatious mood while doing it. So let's just say, you'll be extra playful during this time.

Taurus: You're In A Theatrical Mood

You could be feeling a bit moodier than usual, so try not to get worked up over something petty. On a brighter note, this is an excellent time to take charge on the home front, especially if you're one of those people who like putting your house on display.

Gemini: Your Conversations Are Dramatic

Putting on a show these days, Gemini? Your words will be as cinematic as ever during this time, so make sure to keep this enthusiasm in your back pocket for a rainy day. Otherwise, this is an excellent transit for public speaking.

Cancer: You're Indulging In Your Fame

By all means, celebrate your dazzling worth, but don't spend it all on a handbag. There's nothing wrong with a little splurging, but make sure not to go overboard.

Leo: You're Sexy And You Know It

The word charismatic does not suffice for your ravishing glow, Leo. It's all eyes on you, and you know it. Just don't let it get to your head.

Virgo: You're Singing In The Shower

There's nothing wrong with putting on a little show behind closed doors, Virgo. Besides, you could be feeling a bit restless, so make sure to find a creative outlet during this time.

Libra: You're Queen Bee

Who's the fairest of them all, Libra? Just because you're a child of Aphrodite doesn't mean you don't know how to tame Mars. And this is an excellent transit for socializing and organizing projects.

Scorpio: You're The Star Of The Show

Boss babe much? With go-getter Mars igniting your ambitious tenth house of career and public reputation, you'll be as assertive as ever in the workplace. Your social media will be lit, too.

Sagittarius: You're Flaunting Your Philosophies

Who's the teacher's pet now, Sag? There's nothing wrong with expressing your passion for culture and world religions but with Mars in this area of your chart, you'll be a downright know-it-all.

Capricorn: You're Going There

With red-hot Mars igniting your sexy eighth house of sex and intimacy, your desires will be as smoldering as ever. Perhaps some wild PDA?

Aquarius: You're Arguing For Fun

Don't let your ego get the best of you, Aquarius. With Mars igniting your seventh house of relationships, you could be extra combative during this time. And well, ain't nobody got time for that.

Pisces: You Love The Flamboyant Details

Move over, wedding planner. Whether it be for a quaint soiree with your closest work besties, or a work event alongside your colleagues, your gaudy party-planning skills are finally getting the recognition they deserve.