Your June 24 Weekly Horoscope Is Filled With Deep Meaning

Are you dreaming of living the high life? In the mood to leave behind the real world and search for magic in unexpected places? Venus — planet of love and beauty — is opposing exquisite and indulgent Jupiter, tinging this week with a lust for all things luxurious and heart-thumping. With your mind elsewhere, it might be difficult to focus on the here and now, but your June 24, 2019 weekly horoscope will remind you that you're not being lazy. It's just that the cosmos are overlaying your universe with confusion and illusion.

It may be difficult to see the beauty in your world clearly when Venus forms a square with hazy and mind-bending Neptune on June 24. This could instill you with irrational feelings towards your relationships, and you might over-romanticize things as well as feel insecure for no discernible reason. Remember, you may be imagining flaws or overlooking them, so try to base your opinions on facts rather than the fiction your heart is writing.

However, there is certainly romance and creativity in the air, especially when Mercury — planet of communication and perspective — enters dramatic and flamboyant Leo. Prepare to see the world more vividly and profoundly. This transit will awaken the artist within and make you want to show off your talents, be on stage, and walk through life with confidence. Let this replenish your sense of self with courage and acceptance.

When the emotional and empathetic Cancer sun forms a sextile with individualistic and rebellious Uranus on June 27, it will refine your authenticity and cause it to sparkle. Let this help you become your true and unapologetic self, because it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks — it matters what you think, and where Uranus is concerned, all the right people will appreciate you for it.


Flirtations are rolling off your tongue and you've got such a romantic way of seeing the world at the moment. However, you might say more than you mean and you might believe more than you should. Take care not to establish promises that may be difficult to keep. Harness your creative thinking for something worthwhile because this is a beautiful week to create art.


You've got luxury and prosperity on your mind and you want to infuse your home with the wealth it deserves. Take care not to make purchases you may regret. Think deeply before spending and know that it might not solve the problem. Instead, focus on emotional self-care and surround yourself with love and comfort with people you trust. You already have all you need.


You're putting yourself out there and attracting attention wherever you go. With all this concern over your appearance and presence, you might be overly critical towards yourself this week. Take care not to obsess over flaws that likely don't exist. Talk any confusion through with someone you trust, as you're expressing yourself very clearly right now.


You're in your own little beautiful world these days and you may be keeping your feelings to yourself. There could be secrets floating about, but that doesn't mean they're true. Take care not to let your mind become a mess of irrational thoughts. Instead, concentrate on what's tangible and real. You can transform your mood through physical connection and comfort.


You're thinking clearly and expressing yourself beautifully lately, and you have the power to analyze and work your way around complex puzzles. Use this boost in your intelligence to accomplish so much. You're feeling social and in the mood to mingle, but be mindful of your expectations of others. People may not be as they seem, so leave your judgments for later.


There's light shining on your career and your accomplishments are being noticed by all the right people. However, you might not see that. You might even feel overly critical about where you're at in your career. Instead, focus on how far you've come instead of how much further you have to go. Success isn't a race. There are more important things and your spiritual health is one of them.


There is an adventure sparkling in your eyes and you're meeting so many interesting people and learning so many fascinating things on the way. However, not all adventures are what they seem, so remember to keep one foot grounded in reality while you travel through fantasies. You have the power to bring so many people together and socialize with power, so focus on helping others.


You want true intimacy and connection. There's no point in being superficial or keeping things light. You want depth or nothing at all. However, don't confuse depth with obsession, because it often masquerades as something that looks like love. Infuse this depth into your own life, not just someone else's. Your career can be transformed for the better because of it.


Your heart is full of love and commitment because you've got loyalty on your mind. Take care not to idealize your relationships or put too much of your energy into someone who isn't reciprocating it. Look at the facts clearly and let actions speak louder than words. There is so much to be learned by living in the present moment, so don't hold back from trying something new or living fully.


You're working hard, making plans, and reorganizing your life. But with all these expectations on yourself, you might punish yourself too harshly for falling short. Trust that you're doing the best you can and you're only human. Instead of looking into the future, focus on clearing up issues still muddling your present. This is a beautiful time to tie off loose ends, pay off debts, or let go of the past.


You're feeling more whimsical, romantic, and artistic than ever. All you want to do is play, but this could make you feel easily bored if you have unrealistic expectations for how fun life should be. Make beauty out of what you already have, because you have so much. Spend time with someone and work on something beautiful together. There is so much joy to be created with someone at your side.


You're in the mood to cozy up at home and rejuvenate in your safe space. You have the power to infuse your home environment with love, but there could be issues with how you see your home. Don't let baseless anxiety steal away your comfort. All you need are the simple things. Detangle any lingering chaos step by step because a little organization goes a long way.