Your July 15 Weekly Horoscope Marks The End Of Eclipse Season

I wouldn't be one bit surprised if you've been undergoing an unbelievable amount of change over the course of the past few weeks. Despite how uncomfortable this transition may be, eclipse season never puts you through something you can't handle. It never forces you through something that was never meant for you. Quite the contrary. Eclipse season is blasting you forward, into the inevitable and beautiful future that was always part of your destiny. Let your July 15, 2019 weekly horoscope help you make sense of these changes, because a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn is taking place on July 16 and you've reached the end of a journey, one way or another.

Despite the clarity that eclipse season brings, you may still be feeling all out of sorts, thanks to Mercury retrograde. Spinning its web of confusion, communication issues, and nostalgia, it's all bound to become way more emotional once Mercury re-enters Cancer on July 19. Take care not to let your moods create irreparable damage and don't allow passive-aggressive behavior to be the way you deal with conflict. When Mercury retrograde forms a conjunction to disciplinarian Saturn on June 21, there will be a karmic quality to the recurring issues that pop up. Prepare to review the results of the decisions that you've been making.

Your relationships are experiencing an intense cocktail of energy this week as well, considering how Venus — planet of love and friendship — will be opposing both distant Saturn and obsessive Pluto by July 21. This could create power struggles, manipulative tendencies, and silence amongst those you rely on for emotional comfort. It might not be the easiest week to forge long-lasting love, but it certainly is a time to romanticize it. When Venus forms a trine with dreamy Neptune on July 18, it will highlight the qualities in a partner you truly desire, showing you your needs on the most spiritual level. Trust in it and let that be your guide.


Your career is at the crux of a major transition and you're being forced to embrace more responsibility and take your dreams more seriously. If an opportunity fails or you're demoted, trust that it was never meant for you in the first place. Expect a disturbance at home and amongst your family members and communicate gently.


You're realizing things that were previously out of focus or unknown to you. Your perspective of the world is widening and becoming something far bigger than you had imagined. Let go of whatever holds you back from pursuing it. Communication and technological issues are intensified this week, so make sure you double check before hitting send and back up all your data.


A deep and painful transformation is finally coming to a close, but there may still be more darkness to face. Know that healing is never an easy or simple process. It's messy and strange, but so completely necessary. You may be facing financial issues this week, as well as a difficulty grasping your self-worth. Think before you act on these insecurities.


You are finally receiving some clarity about a relationship and the answers are arriving. It's either time to make the commitment to grow and reinforce your loyalty or cut ties. Look deep within and you'll know what to do. Despite this clarity, the confusion is real, and you may have a hard time accepting what you know to be true in your heart. Don't overthink things.


You're experiencing a revelation in the way you work and take care of your overall health. Whether something is being lost or gained, you're gaining a deeper understanding of what you need in order to be successful. A secret could be coming to light and you may finally be sorting through a painful memory from your past. Practice introspection and heal inwardly.


You may be coming to the end of completing a creative endeavor or fulfilling an artistic talent. You may even be experiencing the loss of a romance or the end of a fling. Trust that this is all paving the way for something brighter. Your social life is being hit with confusion and miscommunication, so don't judge your friends for their mistakes just yet. There's more to the story.


You're experiencing a deep shift in your home life. There may be news amongst your family that changes everything or the prospect of moving and starting fresh. Trust that it's for the best. You may be feeling insecure about your career, as though nothing is going the way you intend it to. Try not to make rash decisions or start new projects. Instead, revisit older ones.


A conversation may be on the horizon that changes everything. It could inspire an idea, make you realize something important, or give you a sense of closure. A shift in a sibling relationship may be in place. You may have trouble concentrating on the here and now and may be focused on the future or the past instead. Remember to not lose sight of where you're at.


You're coming to a conclusion about your financial state and it could entail an ending, but also a new beginning. Your efforts will pay off and you should trust that you already have what you need. Abundance is aplenty. You could feel confusion sweep over your intimate relationships, as though you're not receiving the love you need. Revert that love back to yourself.


You're reaching the end of a long and arduous chapter, but this is only the beginning of what awaits you on the other side. If the changes sweeping across your life are painful, it's only because you're purging what's no longer meant for you. Your relationships are experiencing further confusion and you may feel pulled to reconnect with an ex. Just don't get hurt again.


You're coming to the end of a spiritual journey and unlocking secrets about yourself. There may be hidden talents or repressed memories that arise, giving you a brand new perspective of your reality. You may be feeling scatterbrained in your work life, so double check everything before submitting and make sure you're remaining even more organized than usual.


There's a shift taking place in your social life and you may be saying goodbye to one social group in favor of being introduced to another. Remember that the people you surround yourself with should inspire and nurture you. You may experience a stall in creative thinking this week and a difficulty in reigniting the romance. Don't force what doesn't want to be forced.