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Aquarius Season Isn't The Only Exciting Thing In Your Weekly Horoscope

Prepare for a jolt of energy to set the tone for this upcoming week. After all, the sun enters eccentric, individualistic, and humanitarian Aquarius on Jan. 19, taking you through the excitement of a new journey. This Aquarius season will likely carry an even deeper magnitude than Aquarius seasons of the past few years, as the sun will collide with electric Uranus, stoic Saturn, and expansive Jupiter throughout its course. Ready yourself, because your January 18, 2021 weekly horoscope is the beginning of it all. This Aquarius season will stimulate growth in a magnitude of ways and you'll feel it even more prominently if you happen to be born under a fixed zodiac sign.

Aquarius is known for being progressive and innovative, but the surprises in store might throw you totally off course by Jan. 20. Passionate Mars and unpredictable Uranus will combine their forces, unleashing a burst of volatile energy that can go in any direction. Systems may come crumbling down, commitments may break, and things might take an unexpected turn. While this transit can feel unsettling and anxiety-inducing, it's excellent for redefining your individuality and liberating yourself from constricting forces.

In fact, it might even feel creative by Jan. 23. This is when Mars brushes against inspiring Jupiter, encouraging you to try new things and live life to the absolute fullest. It's also when romantic Venus forms a sextile with dreamy Neptune, infusing the cosmos with an imaginative, free-flowing, and empathetic energy that favors artistic expression.

However, Jan. 23 is also when the energy becomes more sobering and serious as the sun and Saturn — planet of maturity — join forces. This will increase the pressure to grow up and have pride in yourself. If you feel as though you've been letting yourself down instead of working hard and embracing self-improvement, this transit will be a deep reminder of what needs to be done. Fortunately, this transit can also be deeply motivating and rewarding as you recognize everything you've achieved so far.



Your finances may be in an unsteady place at the moment. While you're open to unexpected windfalls, you're equally as susceptible to overspending or making unwise financial decisions. This is a powerful test: Are you willing to suppress some of your indulgent instincts for the sake of your long-term goals? You're also zeroing in on your hopes and dreams this week. What are you willing to sacrifice for them?


Prepare for the unexpected this week and try not to be too stubborn about your plans. The energy surrounding you this week is powerful and unpredictable, as it helps you develop a deeper sense of self and individuality. You may be thinking about how your career creates a space for you to be yourself; a space where you can express your true passions. Carve that space out.


Your intuition is a powerhouse of insight this week. Give yourself quiet moments of solitude to process what your inner voice is trying to tell you. Too much noise and too much energy might cloud the truth that's bursting within you. But insight is only momentary, so what beliefs are guiding you forward through time? Work on developing a deeper sense of faith and finding strength in your perspective.


The people who enter your life this week may surprise you. In fact, you may find yourself being drawn toward communities and likeminded people who share the same vision as you, providing you with an opportunity to create a groundbreaking idea together. It's a powerful time to invest your energy in something new, but you may also find yourself leaving something you've outgrown behind.



You're breaking through all the stale energy that has been holding your career back. This week, you have a powerful opportunity to try new ventures or exert individualism in your field. Things are also getting more serious in your love life this week and you may be realizing that your relationship habits can't go on. What does a healthy relationship mean to you? How can you build that relationship?


If you're a planner, you may want to give flying by the seat of your pants a try this week. You may wind up on a very different journey than you had planned; a journey that may even become an adventure. Keep an open mind. However, all this spontaneous energy doesn't mean you shouldn't keep up with your routines. How can you commit more deeply to self-care while leaving room for pleasant surprises?


Your world is rife with intensity this week. Old debts may be catching up with you, making it clear that the past lingers on unless you make a point of detaching yourself and tying off loose ends. Prepare for unexpected breaks and investments. You may even be feeling consequences for some indulgent decisions you've made, inspiring you to create a healthier sense of balance in your life.


Your relationships may move in directions you never could have predicted this week. Relationships that don't have the strongest foundation to them may be rocked off balance. Independence may feel more important than companionship. Ask yourself what you need at this time. Your private life is coming into focus this week, encouraging you to work through the mess you may be avoiding.



Take care of yourself and exert caution, even if you feel invincible. You're especially prone to disorganization and vulnerable to health issues at the moment. Treat surprising detours and changes in your state of being in stride. You're more flexible than you may think. You're also thinking more deeply about the way you communicate, think, and process information. Your mind is capable of so much, so use it well.


Unexpected crushes and romantic twists and turns can flow throughout your life this week. Embrace the fun and playful energy that's currently surrounding you, because it's creatively inspiring. Just be cautious, and know when things get to be too much for you to handle. You may also be thinking more seriously about your finances. Consider how you can save up and spend in a more meaningful way.


Your home may not feel like the most steady place this week. Discomfort and conflicts in your personal space may leave you feeling like you're being left out in the cold. Give yourself the love and nurturing you need, even if it means postponing other plans. You're growing up and certain habits and mindsets are no longer viable. Commit more deeply to who you're becoming this week.


Conversations could take unexpected turns this week, so be especially mindful of what you say and how you say it. Take things with a grain of salt, as people may say things they don't necessarily mean or exaggerate the truth. What you need to focus on is your own internal strength. Information comes and goes, but does it rock your internal peace? Give yourself time to release and cleanse negative energy.