Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It Really Is "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

by Rosey Baker
Ernesto S. Ruscio/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Can you believe that we are actually almost finished with the year 2017? It seems like just yesterday everyone was moaning about how awful 2016 was, and that year feels like a distant memory. It also seems like, "What were we even b*tching about?" But before I focus on the year coming up, let's try to keep our eyes on what's immediately ahead of us, shall we? Your Dec. 18 weekly horoscope is here, and I know the questions burning in your little hearts. "Is it really 'the most wonderful time of the year?'"

For some of you, yes. For others, not so much. But so goes the circle of life; there's always peaks and valleys. And before those of you with a particularly positive forecast let it go to your heads, keep in mind you've still got the nasty aspect of Mercury going out of retrograde. "Isn't that a good thing, Rosie?" Well, yea, but Mercury is at its worst is right when it's moving into and out of its retrograde motion. These are the times when you're most likely to suffer through communication and travel delays, or when your credit card goes missing, just in time for the holiday vacation. What a benevolent god, am I right?


Spend this week getting outside your comfort zone as the planet Uranus will be pushing you to get out of your boring ass routine and shake things up a little. Study a new subject, go on a little trip (or book one) or, if you can't afford all that, I don't know, go down a YouTube hole and maybe discover the Dark Web.


This month has been all about money management, and although you might be getting sick of fretting about finances, you'll find this week is no different; however, your attitude about it has changed. With Uranus in your earned income sector, you've probably found new ways to make money, and if not, you will by the end of this week.


This week you have a chance to enrich your partnerships — not necessarily romantic ones (although those too), but you may have been looking to team up in some area of your life, and this is the week you'll finally find the right person to do it with. Either a therapist, a business partner, or even a real estate agent could be the key to your growth over the next few months.


This week you've got a demanding workload before the holiday, but the good news is there's a chance your work could be taking you places you've been dreaming of going. Keep your eyes out for opportunities to step up to the plate on projects that could take you out of your comfort zone (there will be plenty) and work won't feel like such a drag.


This week promises to be a romantic one, as you have a chance to deepen your romantic relationships, or engage in some brand new opportunities to have fun and enjoy your friendships by simply enjoying your life. That said, Saturn is entering your solar house of health and work on Dec. 21, so be careful not to completely overdo it with the partying.


You have four planets in your domestic sector, so use the energy of those planets to redecorate or make any home repairs you need to. If you've been thinking about moving, now is a good time to look into doing that, too. Waiting until Mercury goes direct to lock down a new place is probably best, and it's certainly better to wait until then to sign a lease.


This week will be busy both socially and mentally as you have four planets in your communication sector. It's a good week to send out holiday cards, catch up with old friends, or go out on dates with people who stimulate you intellectually. You'll have a bunch of new ideas swirling around in your head; just try to jot them down as they'll be coming faster than you can keep up with.


If you're doing any last-minute Christmas shopping, you can anticipate saving more than you expected to, as you have the help of four planets in your earned income sector. Use any cashback deals on your credit card because when your second house is activated your spending goes up, but your income also gets a little boost.


This week you can really let yourself do whatever it is your little heart desires, and it's likely to work out. You have four planets in your solar first house, which kind of puts the universe at your command. Personal projects close to your heart are likely to be finished by the end of the week.


This week you'll feel like you're putting the finishing touches on your best self. Saturn has been in your twelfth house for two plus years, pushing you to do some healing work on yourself, and with Saturn shifting positions into your solar first house and the new moon this week, you'll make the final changes to your routine to energize you and make you feel your best.


Saturn is leaving your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, making this week one where the lessons you've learned over the past two years start to materialize. You have been working with others to make your dreams come true, and you can use the knowledge you've gained about collaborating to put the finishing touches on a creative or work project you're going to be very proud of.


This week is all about your professional life, as your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements is lit up with five planets, including the new moon. Use Dec. 20 as a day to make positive changes in the way you make money, use your connections to launch yourself forward, and forget about dragging your *ss on anything you've been dreaming of doing. Carpe diem, b*tch.