The Born-To-Slay Makeup Routine For You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

by Kim Carpluk

TBH, the perfect makeup look is 40 percent determined by what actually looks best on you and 60 percent determined by your personality. Red lips can look amazing on you, but if it's not your vibe, it doesn't matter. So why not determine your best morning makeup routine solely by using your personality type? After all, if blue shadow suits your mood, no one cares if it's not "meant" for green eyes. What makes you look the most beautiful is what makes you feel the most beautiful.

I place a lot of stock into my Myers-Briggs personality type. In case you're unfamiliar, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI) questionnaire is used to determine your personality type and categorize you into a group with characteristics that are easy to understand and may or may not be useful in the understanding of your day to day life. Basically, it's like a Pottermore Hogwarts Sorting Hat quiz that places you into one of sixteen different psychological groups that roughly follow the rules of C. G. Jung, rather than the rules of J. K. Rowling. If you haven't taken the questionnaire, I highly suggest you do that right here, right now.

Do you have your personality type now? Ok then, let's get started.


ISTJ's are sincere, analytical, and practical. You need a fast and easy everyday routine that's quick, yet effective. You'll probably be too busy changing the world with your logical prowess to execute a cut-crease TBH.


Bold at heart, you're always down for a makeup experiment. Why not try a new technique that gives you a challenge, like a halo smokey eye or a grungy undersmoke. Bonus points if you use a bright color!


Rules were meant to be broken, ESTP. Life is short, so rock that nearly black liquid lipstick with reckless abandon. Pair it with glossy lids and skin to keep the look edgy, but well-balanced.


If you need to get something done ASAP, enlist a ESTJ for help. ESTJs need a glam worthy of a high-powered executive. This smokey eye and nude lip combo will have plebeians quaking in your wake.


You have a big, warm heart, ISFJ. A romantic and soft look will allow you to wear it on your sleeve. Baby pinks and champagne hues were practically made for you.


You're a true artist at heart, so why not try something a little more out of the box, like some bold orange or yellow eyeshadow. If anyone can make it work, it's you, ISFP.


A born entertainer, all the world's your stage. Might as well rock it with a bold, classic red lip and an understated wing liner.


Hey there, you popular queen. Hold the attention of all your close friends (and admirers) with this glowing-from-the-heavens look. It's polished and attention-grabbing, but not too out there.


Hello my fellow INFJs. We're tireless advocates for others. Though we seek social and moral justice, we're seen as quiet and mysterious by the outside world. Might as well amp up the intensity with a brown smoldering smokey eye and a brownie-nude lip.


You hold beauty close to your heart, INFP. So slap on a soft and sultry pink look and show the world your sensitive side.


As a free spirit, you don't mind being bold. You live in the moment and thrive on spontaneity. A bold pink lip will show the world just how much energy you have.


You're a natural born leader, ENFJ. So you might as well look like one with a polished but anything-but-boring look.


You're extremely brilliant and rational, INTJ, so an outlandish look is just not for you. A monochromatic bronzy glam, however, should be right up your alley.


You're anything but common, INTP. So an unexpected holographic moment will suit your quite well.


A super graphic winged liner look is nearly as sharp as your wit, ENTP. So rock it proudly and stand out from the crowd.


You're bold, but you need to be taken seriously, so go for the glam while incorporating natural tones. It's the perfect balance of "I'm creative" and "I mean business."