Jenna Ortega will be in 'Scream 5'

Get Ready, 'You' Fans: Jenna Ortega Is Starring In The New 'Scream' Movie

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Some people might have thought Jenna Ortega's latest project, Netflix's You, was creepy enough. But fans of hers better buckle up, because her next act is going to be even more of a thrill. On Aug. 19, it was announced that Jenna Ortega from You will be in Scream 5, the next installment in the iconic horror movie series. TBH, I don't know about you, but I'm already getting chills thinking about it.

If you followed Ortega in her earlier endeavors, you'll know she played young Jane in The CW's Jane the Virgin. But perhaps her most prominent role was as Ellie in Season 2 of the hit Netflix series You. In the episodes, Ellie entered Joe stratosphere, which historically hadn't been great news for those around him. He quickly developed creepily protective feelings over Ellie, but that's not to say Ellie couldn't take care of herself. In You, Ortega proved she could handle a character in a show about murder, and it looks like she'll get a chance to put those skills to use once again for Scream 5.

In case you haven't seen any of the Scream franchise, the movies are a tongue-in-cheek approach to the slasher genre. The films provide frights, moments of laughter, and of course, a Ghostface character in an iconic white mask attempting to kill a group of people.

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Ortega will star alongside franchise regulars David Arquette and Corteney Cox, who will reprise their roles as Dewey Rile and Gale Weathers, respectively. She won't be the only newcomer on set, however. Melissa Barerra (In the Heights) is a new actor set to join the franchise for the upcoming film as well.

The Scream franchise has thus far earned over $600 million at the global box office. The first four films were released in 1996, 1997, 2000, and 2011, respectively, so the fifth movie is both highly anticipated and expected to be lucrative.

Scream 5 does not yet have a release date, but is expected to be out in 2021.