11 Summery Tops For The Office That Are Anything But Stuffy

Zara/ Topshop

When it comes to warm weather shopping all I ever want to buy are sheer, strapless, and cropped tops. Seeing as I work from home I can get away with such sartorial choices but for those of you who hold office jobs and need work tops for summer, finding pieces that are fashion-forward, appropriate, and cool (in both senses of the word) can be a tricky feat.

Even when I did work in offices I was pretty lucky. Magazines, or at least those I worked at, tend to have rather lax office dress codes, because fashion, meaning I could get away with wearing a tube top or sheer shirt. My friends, however, would always marvel at how seamlessly my work wardrobe flowed into my weekend wardrobe. (They were one in the same.) They, on the other hand, had to have a separate collection of work-appropriate clothing that they would turn to from nine to six, five days a week. I cannot imagine! I want to love every piece of clothing that I buy—if I'm spending my hard earned cash on something, I better actually want it. With my friends, that's not often the case.

With them in mind, I scoured the internet for summery tops that are both actually cool and okay for the office. Some are slightly more formal than others and some more playful, but no matter what type of setting you work in there'll be something for you.


The chillest top out there for those of you into sporty, streamlined style. It's unique silhouette and waist-defining ribbon detail it render it a step above the average tee.

Sweet Things

Ditsy floral print + bow details + gathered sleeves = one super sweet summer top. Wear it with denim if your office is sartorially lax or dress it up with a pencil skirt and mules.

Neutral Beauty

A sweater top? In the summer? When it's this lightweight and airy, yes. everything about this shirt is so good, from it's fringey arm detailing to its high neckline. I'd style it with matching cream slacks like above and would add in some wooden accessories for a super earthy look.

Bow Down

Comfy AF is how I'd describe this breezy top! The tie belt gives an otherwise shapeless piece a bit of definition while the print adds some playfulness.

Blue Jean Babe

With its high neckline, structured silhouette, and art deco-style denim pattern, this tank top is office appropriate and artistic all at once. It's one of those shirts that can go from work to play effortlessly.

Off Balance

So much yes to this shirt. It's professional but guaranteed to blow every other stuffy blouse out of the water thanks to its eye-popping print and asymmetrical sleeves.

Coming Up Daisies

Slightly '60s and very cute. Wear this with denim for the ultimate classic color combination or with a pair of white wide-leg slacks for something more sleek.

Spotty Vision

Another uber playful option, this top features an asymmetrical hemline, criss-crossed ruffles, and graphic polka dot pattern. It's another piece that can go from day to tonight in the blink of an eye and would look awesome paired with long black slacks.

Parallel Lines

Balloon sleeves, a tie waist, and a fresh print: this shirt's got it all.

All Tied Up

Saint Laurent-style pussy bow blouses will never go out of fashion, especially when they're updated with cute animal motifs like these flamingos.

Queen of the Jungle

I love leopard print anything and this shirt is about to top my "must buy" list. It's boxy shape and muted color palette balance out the animal print, making it perfect for the office and beyond.