Wonho's Solo Debut "Losing You" Sends A Loving Message To His Loyal Fans

Wonho Explains The Emotional Meaning Behind His Debut Solo Single "Losing You"


When Wonho announced his departure from Monsta X in October 2019, fans didn't know what it meant for his future as an artist. Some believed he would return to the group one day, while others thought he would embark on a solo career or simply take a hiatus — to fans, a future without more music from Wonho was not an option. Now, after nearly a year away from the music scene, the K-Pop star is starting fresh with a new single. Wonho's solo debut "Losing You" is dedicated to those who never gave up on him.

Wonho told fans to continue supporting Monsta X in his post announcing his exit from Monsta X, and they did just that. Still, they didn't withdraw their love for Wonho. They trended various hashtags on Twitter requesting his return to the group and raised over $25,000 to erect a billboard of Wonho and his former Monsta X groupmates in Times Square that read, "We shine brighter as a family." With this encouragement, Wonho is beginning his solo career with confidence.

"My fans were always here for me, and I’m here because of my fans," Wonho tells Elite Daily. "While they thought they lost me, I would have rather lost myself than lose them. They are my shining light everywhere I go, even when it’s dark."


This message is definitely heard in Wonho's debut solo single, "Losing You." In the song, Wonho promises fans that, just like they always have his back, they can always rely on him. He sings:

When you feel, like you ain't got the fight in you to heal, and when you're weak in defeat, I need you to know, baby I will go to war for you, build an army if you need me to, cause losing me is better then losing you.

Wonho's decision to record "Losing You" in English was intentional. "I wanted all the fans from all over the world to receive my message, and I wanted them to know how much they mean to me," Wonho explains. "Since English is a universal language, I wanted to share what I've been thinking and feeling to my fans all over the world."

One of the first decisions Wonho made as a solo artist was to pick a fitting nickname for his fans. In June, he announced his fanbase is called "Wenee," meaning "We are new ending" or "We need."

"This relationship is the biggest love I’ve had, and I would ever have," Wonho says of his connection with Wenee. "It means everything."

After winning top prizes at Korea's biggest award shows and breaking into the U.S. with Monsta X, Wonho admits the idea of forging ahead solo is intimidating. "It’s definitely different because all eyes are on me, and of course it creates extra pressure," he says.

However, with fans cheering him on every step of the way, Wonho feels like he can accomplish anything. "[Fans' support] means the world to me. I can’t wait to meet them, talk to them and connect to them. I have a lot more music coming," Wonho teases.

"Losing You" is just a glimpse at what Wonho has to offer. Soon, fans will hear his debut mini-album, Love Synonym #1: Right For Me, which will drop on Sept. 4.