Here's Everything We Know About The Possibility Of A Magical 'Unicorn Store' Sequel


Netflix's original movie Unicorn Store delivers a lighthearted dose of childlike wonder when protagonist Kit is given a mission to prove she's worthy of owning a unicorn. As both star and director, Brie Larson captures the gradual, often painful journey to the realization that we often have to leave our childhood dreams behind for bigger horizons. Given that audiences left Kit as she begins this step toward true adulthood, will there be a Unicorn Store sequel?

Following the film's April 5 premiere on Netflix, there are currently no signs of a followup project from the same creative team. While Academy Award winner Larson undertook Unicorn Store as her feature directorial debut, the script came from Samantha McIntyre, who has previously written for the TV series Married. Larson acted in the movie alongside Joan Cusack, Bradley Whitford, Mamoudou Athie, and her frequent collaborator Samuel L. Jackson, who appeared with her in superhero hit Captain Marvel weeks before Unicorn Store debuted on Netflix.

While decisions about a sequel typically rely on whether there's more story to tell and if actors are available to return, Unicorn Store managed to wrap things up with a pretty bow fitting for an actual unicorn. After flunking out of art school, Larson's Kit is stuck back in her hometown at a dull temp job. But then she receives an invitation from Jackson's Salesman to visit the Store, a place that caters to her greatest needs and wants. The Salesman promises to fulfill Kit's childhood dream of owning a unicorn if she proves she's capable of taking care of it.

Rising to the challenge of unicorn ownership, Kit enlists hardware store employee Virgil (Athie) to help her build a stable and accepts more responsibilities at work. She even eventually confesses to her parents (Cusack and Whitford) that she's getting a magical creature. But along the way, her driven nature clouds her mind and intentions. When she recognizes that she let herself get carried away with the whimsical mission, she's approved to finally receive a unicorn.

By the time Kit comes face to face with her very own unicorn (yes, a real unicorn), she realizes she's ready to let go of a part of her younger self. "I’m OK now," she tells the animal. "There’s a lady who needs you more than me...you’re gonna be her best friend. Don’t let her go searching for people who can’t see who she really is."


While there is uncertainty about what Kit will do next, the film ends on this heartfelt, optimistic note. Seeing as she's willingly said goodbye to her unicorn, making a Unicorn Store 2 probably isn't necessary. Plus, while the film only received a Netflix release this year, it actually premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival way back in 2017. If another movie was being made, fans would probably have more information by now. That being said, Unicorn Store is most likely a one-and-done deal.

Of course, while the unicorn in this turned out to be a living, breathing concept, a possible sequel could always take a more metaphorical approach to someone earning their "unicorn." Ahead of Unicorn Store's TIFF premiere, Larson told Variety:

...every film that I make, you want something very visually exciting on the surface and something deeper underneath it. For me, the idea of going after this unicorn was dreaming the impossible dream. The fact that I wanted to be an actor for so long and was told no so many times kind of made me feel a little crazy and look like a person going after a unicorn...So this is in some ways a homage to my life and my journey and hopefully a way to inspire others to keep going on their path, whatever their unicorn is.

Unicorn Store is currently streaming on Netflix.