'The Society' Fans Are Begging For A Second Season To Answer These 7 Burning Questions


If you have already binged your way through the 10 episodes of Netflix's new teen drama The Society, then you know exactly why everyone is clamoring for a second season. The debut season left so many of the main mysteries unsolved, and to top it all off, the last moments of the Season 1 finale introduced a major twist that has fans more curious than ever. So, will there be a The Society Season 2? Netflix has yet to announce whether or not it will pick up another season of the show, but fans have so many burning questions after that unexpected finale that it would be a huge letdown not get some resolutions in a new season.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of The Society. The entire first season of The Society revolves around the central mystery of what is New Ham. All of the teenagers in the New England town of West Ham suddenly find themselves in an exact replica of their town, except all adults and young children have now disappeared and the town is surrounded by dense, impenetrable woods that seem to go on forever. Over the course of the season, the teens begin to suspect that this town is actually in some sort of parallel universe or different planet, and the final moments of the finale episode show that all of the parents and young children of West Ham are still alive and well in the actual town, and have hung up a memorial plaque for all the missing kids.

So, what the heck is going on? Fans have so many questions that we would need a second season to really dig into, and these are definitely the most pressing:

1. Is New Ham another dimension or the afterlife?

There are a ton of theories about what New Ham might be. Some fans think the teens are living in a parallel dimension to West Ham, while others think that the kids may have actually died on their bus ride and now their spirits are in some purgatorial realm to decide if they belong in heaven or hell. At this point, it is impossible to know which theory might be true, or if neither of them are.

2. Who is Pfeiffer?

The New Ham mystery all seems to go back to a shady man named Pfeiffer. The teens discovered that Pfeiffer was hired by the town to get rid of the bad smell that kept popping up, but the town's leaders did not end up paying him. Kelly also recognized Pfeiffer as one of the bus drivers that brought them all to New Ham.

Interestingly enough, "pfeiffer" is German for "piper," which has many fans guessing that The Society as a whole is an allegory for the story of the Pied Piper — a man who leads the children out from their hometown towards a mysterious new fate.

3. What was the smell?

All of this began with a rotten smell that pervaded West Ham at random times. The only thing we really know about this smell is that Pfeiffer was hired to get rid of it, and it is no longer a problem in New Ham. But, could the smell still be present in West Ham, where the parents still live? And what exactly created the odor in the first place?

4. Where did the bus drivers go?

For all we know, New Ham is completely inescapable, but somehow, the bus drivers who dropped the kids off there were able to drive away. Pfeiffer was one of the bus drivers, but there was more than one bus, so who were these other people? And how did they get into and out of New Ham?

5. What is up with the dog?

Speaking of creatures who can apparently travel into and out of New Ham at will, a dog first appears alongside Cassandra's killer in New Ham. The dog is then adopted by Elle, but it is implied that Campbell later killed it. However, in the finale, the dog is seen sitting in West Ham with the parents.

6. Who is the father of Becca's baby?

Aside from all the supernatural stuff, there are also a couple of character-specific mysteries that Season 2 can dive into. Notably, Becca is adamant about not revealing who the father of her baby is. She tells Sam that the father is someone he does not know, but most fans think she may be lying to cover up that Sam's psychopathic brother Campbell may be the father. A recent video of Campbell and Becca uploaded by The Society's Instagram account is only fanning the flames of this theory.

But, this is just one of many theories about the father of Becca's baby. Other fans think the father may be Luke, or that he could be one of the parents of West Ham.

7. Can Allie manage to escape prison and save the town?

And finally, the season ended with Allie being overthrown as mayor and thrown into custody in a joint effort by Campbell, Harry, Lexie, and the Guard. With Lexie and Harry as the new mayors, with Campbell pulling the strings, and with the Guards acting more militant than ever, it is only a matter of time before New Ham falls to chaos. Unless Allie can somehow escape prison and go back to enforcing her laws, that is.