Noah Centineo Fans Are Already Desperate For A 'The Perfect Date' Sequel


As Netflix's unofficial poster boy for teenage love, Noah Centineo has maintained his crown of internet boyfriend with the new rom-com The Perfect Date. Following its April 12 release on Netflix, the high school film has delighted enough fans for them to ask a crucial question: Will there be a Perfect Date sequel? Not every Netflix flick can generate as much success as To All the Boys I've Loved Before, but never say never when it comes to a Perfect Date sequel.

Less than a year after his Netflix roles in To All the Boys I've Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Centineo stars as high school senior Brooks Rattigan in The Perfect Date. Although he's practically guaranteed admission to the nearby University of Connecticut, Brooks has his heart set on attending Yale. After he volunteers to escort the confident, independent Celia (Laura Marano) to a school dance and gets paid by her father for the good deed, he convinces his best friend to help him create an app advertising his services as a dating "stand-in" to girls. His business takes off, bringing him closer to his goal of earning money for Yale. However, his growing friendship with Celia soon proves that feigning so many different personas on fake dates has complicated his life.

While there are no official talks about a sequel to The Perfect Date yet, viewers who already devoured the latest addition to Centineo's Netflix resume are eager for more of Brooks and Celia.

The possibility of adding on to the original story of The Perfect Date is definitely valid. The movie is based on Steve Bloom's novel The Stand-In, and although the onscreen adaptation matches the book's blurb almost seamlessly, Bloom has yet to write a follow-up to his 2016 release. This would give the movie's creative team a wide range of freedom on where to take the characters next.

At the end of The Perfect Date, Brooks and Celia admit to their feelings for each other, although they're destined to attend different colleges the following year. Maybe a sequel could focus on an app aiming to keep them in touch even more than texting or FaceTiming would. Another movie could also delve more into the budding romance between Brooks' BFF Murph (Odiseas Georgiadis) and his sub shop customer / crush Tuna Melt (Alex Biglane).


However, the honest reality of the situation is that not every movie is meant to have a sequel. To All the Boys I've Loved Before and Centineo's beloved Peter Kavinsky originated from Jenny Han's young adult book trilogy, meaning the preexisting material plus the film's intense popularity probably made it difficult for Netflix to say no to a sequel. While Centineo's involvement has definitely encouraged people to watch The Perfect Date, the movie's not quite blowing up the internet like TATBILB did in 2018.

If Brooks and Celia's story is meant to conclude with them dancing together in a suburban sub shop, then that's a pretty perfect sendoff for the characters. On top of the swoon-worthy ending, The Perfect Date also comes with a heavy focus on figuring out who you are, and its lessons are crystal clear even without another movie. Speaking to POPSUGAR, Centineo said:

Underneath the surface [of The Perfect Date], there's really a lot more to it. There's self-discovery and self-acceptance. Brooks works toward answering this question from the beginning to the end, which is, "Who am I?" And the answers in the beginning of the film versus the answer at the end, are two very different answers. And I think we can all truly relate to that as human beings on this planet.

The Perfect Date is currently streaming on Netflix.