3 Big Questions Fans Have After Finishing 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 2


The second season of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is finally here, and chances are that you have already binged your way through all 10 episodes and are hungry for more. The new season left Manhattan to traverse the globe as Midge Maisel finally finds some success as a stand-up comic in 1959, and it ended with a bunch of cliffhangers that have fans anxious about what will happen next with Midge, Susie, Joel, Abe, Rose, and the rest of the characters. Thankfully, we do not have to wonder will there be a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 because Amazon already picked up its Emmy-winning juggernaut for a third season, but the Season 2 finale gave us a whole lot of other things to think about while we wait for the new season.

Spoiler alert: Do not read on until you have watched the Season 2 finale of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. After performing for her biggest room yet at the Catskills, hitting the road for an East coast tour, slaying the midnight-hour timeslot on a live telethon, and finally coming clean about her stand-up comedy career to her family and friends, Midge Maisel appears to have made it in the comedy biz at long last. Or, at least, she's much closer to "making it" than she was in Season 1. But just as Season 2 comes to an end, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel left viewers with a slew of cliffhangers that will leave us scratching our heads until Season 3 gets here. Let's go over some of the biggest questions Season 2 left us with:

1. What will Susie do about Sophie Lennon's offer?

Throughout the second season, Sophie Lennon and her manager Harry Drake have been putting the kibosh on Midge's comedy career after she revealed the secret of Sophie's real identity on stage in Season 1. Her final act of sabotage comes when Sophie has Midge bumped to the very last slot during a telethon, and a fed-up Susie finally explodes at Sophie over all of it. But surprisingly, rather than retaliate, Sophie tells Susie that she admires Susie's passion for her client and asks her to represent her, saying that she is more interested in drama than comedy but her current management won't let her explore that arena.

Susie does not make a decision about this in the finale, and Midge getting booked on a six-month tour at the same time steamrolls over Susie's half-hearted attempt to tell Midge about the offer. So, will Susie get her second client or not, and how will signing Midge's enemy affect Susie's relationship with Midge?

2. Is Midge just totally done with Benjamin?

When the popular singer Shy Baldwin offers Midge the opening spot on his six-month tour, she immediately says yes without even thinking. She only later realizes that the extended time away will cause her to miss her boyfriend Benjamin's proposal, which Midge's father had finally given him approval for. We do not see Midge tell Benjamin about her tour at all, so we don't know how he would react, but at the very end of the finale, she reveals that she feels she has made the decision to be alone forever because she will always put her career first.

But viewers are probably still curious about Benjamin, since we only briefly saw him in the beginning of the finale. He seemed very cool with Midge's stand-up career, so maybe he would be fine with waiting for her tour to end to propose, and support her as her career continues to grow. He might not be too happy if he finds out she spent her last night in New York with Joel, though...

3. What is going on with Abe?

Probably the most unexpected and still up-in-the-air story of the Season 2 finale is Abe Weissman's. The season began with Midge's mom making a massive change to her life and ended with Midge's dad doing something similar, having decided to suddenly quit his lucrative career of science and academia. Abe mentions that he wants to get back to his activist days when he was in his 20s, when he fought against the government, and he even reunites with an old lawyer friend, revealing that he is excited to stir up some trouble again.

It is not clear what Abe is planning to do, exactly, but it is a total 180 from the reserved, fastidious Abe that we have come to know. Rose also points out that Columbia owns their apartment, so now Abe and Rose will have to find a new place to live. We can expect a dramatic lifestyle change for Midge's parents in Season 3, it seems.