'Fleabag' Fans Are Torn On Whether Or Not The Show Should Get A Season 3


One of the unexpected TV pleasures to have won over scores of fans and critics alike over the past few years has been the quirky British comedy series Fleabag. The show, created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, aired its second season in the U.K. from March to April, but it only just became available for American audiences to stream on Amazon Prime Video a couple weeks ago on May 17. The big question everyone has upon finishing the latest batch of episodes is whether or not there be a Fleabag Season 3. And the other question that goes along with that is should there be a third season, because the ending of Season 2 just feels like the perfect way to complete the series. Let's get into all things Fleabag Season 3.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Fleabag Season 2. In the latest season, Fleabag grows unexpectedly close with a priest (Andrew Scott) who has unmistakable chemistry with her. One of the stylistic choices in the series is Fleabag often breaking the fourth wall to speak directly to the viewers. These little asides went over completely unnoticed by any other characters in Season 1, but shockingly, the priest in Season 2 actually catches Fleabag as she zones out to deliver her narration. This surprising twist not only underlines the strong bond between Fleabag and the priest, but it also reveals that Fleabag's little asides to the audience have actually been a very real coping mechanism all along — a way to distance herself from the world around her by constantly commenting on it rather than inhabiting it.

It is this device that makes the final moments of Season 2 feel like a perfect conclusion. We, the viewers, have been a constant companion and distraction for Fleabag over the past two seasons, but after her relationship with the priest comes to an abrupt halt and she decides to face her life head-on, Fleabag needs to say goodbye to her audience. The final shot of the season shows Fleabag smiling and shaking her head at the camera, waving goodbye as she walks away from her audience for good.

This moment seems to drive home that Fleabag as a series is completed. After all, how can we watch another season of the show now that Fleabag has parted ways with us? Fleabag star Sian Clifford confirmed that there will not be a third season shortly before the finale aired, saying that the ending of Season 2 is very clear.

But although all signs seem to point to Fleabag being over for good, there actually is still a small ray of hope for the fans who still wants a third season. A month before Season 2 premiered, Phoebe Waller-Bridge teased that although she has no plans for a third season, she also had no plans for a second season after she had completed Season 1. She admitted that she "may be surprised again" and be struck by inspiration to create another season, so all hope for a potential third season is not necessarily lost.