Here's Everything You Should Know About The Possibility Of 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2

by Ani Bundel

The Umbrella Academy is Netflix's first significant foray into the superhero genre outside of the Marvel universe it signed on for back in 2013. It's also way weirder than anything Marvel would typically come up with, and that's saying a lot considering Marvel thought "Ant-Man" was a good idea. The story revolves around seven kids who were all mystically born at the same moment, and who all have some mutation making them superhuman. Now they're trying to stop the apocalypse. Will The Umbrella Academy have a Season 2? Warning: Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 1 follow.

The series begins with the claim Vanya, aka Number 7, was the kid who somehow never manifested powers. She forced to sit and watch as her siblings became famous around her. But anyone who knows how TV casting works knows a production doesn't cast Ellen Page and topline her as the lead, and then leave her as the "ordinary" one. No one was surprised only a day or two after Vanya stopped taking her "pills for her nerves," her abilities sprung to life.

But the series did a great job is keeping the final twist under wraps until the very end of the last episode. While it was clear Number 5 and company hadn't stopped the apocalypse after the death of Vanya's manipulative boyfriend Leonard (or should I say Harold), it seemed like taking down Vanya during her concert was the key to halting the end of all life on earth.


Except it wasn't. Taking down Vanya was the thing causing the apocalypse. When Alison grabs her sister and her violin to stop the world from shaking, the laser shot out of Vanya's bow goes directly into space, and hits the moon, blowing it to pieces, and causing a large chunk to start heading their way.

To be clear, this wasn't the way the apocalypse happened the first time. Viewers know this because when Five traveled to the future, he found the remains of his siblings strewn outside the Academy walls, suggesting when Vanya blew up the school in that iteration of the timeline, it killed the whole family. But no matter what Five and his siblings do, the Temps Aeternalis, are always trying to adjust to make sure the end of all life happens right on schedule. With the moon chunk heading directly for Earth, they've done it again.


But Five thinks fast and has everyone grab hands to move all of them to a different place in time, where the group can make another run at stopping Vanya as a different point in their lives. (Yes, even the ghost of Ben grabs onto Klaus.) It works, too. The group disappears en masse just before the shockwave destroys the theater, just before the final episode cuts to black.

With a cliffhanger like this, there's no way this production isn't planning on getting a Season 2. Right?

But this isn't a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina situation, where Netflix already greenlit a second round before the first even arrives. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy isn't as yet guaranteed. Hopefully, viewer numbers will be good enough that everyone can find out what happens next.