Will the iPhone 12 have a USB-C cable?

Your New iPhone 12 Accessories Pack Will Look Different From Older Models

by Daffany Chan
Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 12 during a special virtual event on Oct. 13, and the four new models feature some major upgrades like 5G connectivity, better cameras, and more. One of the rumored updates had to do with the charging capability, and if you're wondering if the iPhone 12 will have a USB-C cable, here are the details.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the newest additions to the iPhone series during the second fall keynote of the year on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Though the iPhone has historically been released in September, the company delayed the launch of the iPhone 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The iPhone 12 will come in four models: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Though the iPhone 12 has major changes from previous generations, one thing that will stay the same is the Lightning charging port on the phone. That means the new devices won't be sporting a USB-C port, which fans had been hoping for.

But, there is some good news. Apple confirmed the new iPhone 12 models will include a new Lightning to USB-C cable instead of the classic Lightning to USB-A cable. The new braided Lightning to USB-C cable replaces the USB-A cord and wall brick which used to come with the phones, so you'll need to charge your phone by plugging it into another USB-C power adaptor or computer port. The new phones also won't come with the traditional wired EarPods, so you'll need to use an old pair or wireless AirPods.


Apple attributes these changes to its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, and with a less bulky packaging design for the iPhone 12, thanks to fewer accessories, the company will be able to ship out more devices at one time, cutting down on carbon emissions from transportation.

Some other improvements on the iPhone 12 include a new design that features edges that are more flat and squared. The standard iPhone 12 and iPhone Mini will feature two rear cameras, while the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max will have three rear cameras as well as a depth perception sensor, but all iPhone 12 models will have the new Night Mode on selfies.

In a major announcement, iPhone 12 series will also support 5G for all major carriers in the United States and globally. If this sounds like a phone for you, here are the pricing details: A standard iPhone 12 will cost you $799, while an iPhone 12 Mini costs $699. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will run you $999 and $1,099, respectively. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will be available for preorder on Oct. 16, and they'll ship out Oct. 23, while the iPhone 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max will be available for preorder on Nov. 6, and will ship out on Nov. 13.