A Clue In Taylor Swift's "ME!" Video Could Mean A Dixie Chicks Collaboration Is Coming


Taylor Swift is no stranger to dropping epic collaborations with other industry heavyweights. She jumps on tracks with today's greats like it's her job. Well, I guess it is her job, but not everyone has her flare when it comes to making every single collaboration count by churning out instant classics. Like "Everything Has Changed" with Ed Sheeran? Iconic. And "Bad Blood" featuring Kendrick Lamar? Revolutionary. And now, based on a sneaky little easter egg in her new "ME!" music video, fans find themselves asking, "Will Taylor Swift and The Dixie Chicks collaborate on a song?"

After much fanfare involving intense amounts of pastel-colored teaser images, which featured cats, hearts, and glitter on her Instagram, Swift finally dropped her highly anticipated "ME!" music video at midnight on April 26.

In typical Taylor Swift fashion, the new single ended up being a surprise collaboration with Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco. And now fans are convinced that Swift may have hidden a well-placed clue hinting at her next collaboration in the new video.

Watch the video below and see if you can spot the clue!

Did you catch the clue? It came pretty early on in the video around the 59-second mark.

When Brendon Urie is sitting in the armchair in that fancy-schmancy French room, the wall behind him is covered in portraits of adorable baby chicks wearing sunglasses. But, if you look carefully and pause the screen, you'll see that right in the center there is a photo of a very different type of chicks. The Dixie type!

Check out a screenshot below:

So, the question is: Is this just a little joke slipped into the video for laughs (The Dixie chicks surrounded by chicks! Get it? It's hilare!), or is this an actual hint that Taylor could be returning to her country roots with the help of the iconic country trio?

Well, The Dixie Chicks responded to their little cameo in "ME!" and didn't exactly answer fans' questions. They simply tweeted the side-eye emoji and tagged Taylor Swift.

Then Swift responded, "Chicks stans never unstan."

So, like, is that the Dixie Chicks just side-eyeing a surprise cameo they didn't know about? Or is it them playing coy about a future Taylor Swift collab that's about to slay our lives? I need a warning, Dixie Chicks! Fill us in for the greater good!

As for Swifty Nation, the easter egg in "ME!" has fans completely and totally convinced a collaboration is coming. And of course, fans on Twitter are thrilled by the prospect.

If Swifties are right and a Dixie Chick collab is coming, it wouldn't be the first time Swift has collaborated with the trio. Back in August 2015, during her 1989 tour, Taylor Swift brought Dixie Chick member Natalie Maines out on stage to perform "Goodbye Earl" together.

By the looks of it, an official song on TS7 sure seems like a natural progression for Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks.