Will Taylor Swift Go On Tour For ‘Reputation’? Fans Are Hoping She Will, Based Off Of Her Latest Instagram Post


Taylor Swift has been extremely cryptic on Instagram lately. A few days back, she deleted all of the pictures on her account. She's been posting v. creepy AF snake videos ever since her Instagram went complete *blank space* on us. See what I did there? Swift fans everywhere are questioning, "What the heck is going on, Tay?!?" We need details, and we need them STAT. This afternoon, the 27-year-old star gave us some major breadcrumbs when she took to her account to announce her new album, Reputation, coming November 10. OK, so the next thing we need to know, Tay... will there be a Taylor Swift Reputation tour?!

UPDATE: On Thursday, Aug. 25, Taylor Swift dropped her first single off Reputation, "Look What You Made Me Do." With the single, she created Taylor Swift Tix, which is a program through Ticketmaster that makes sure tickets get in the hands of fans and not bots or scalpers. There's no official word on a tour yet or when it will happen, but this move means a tour is definitely coming.

EARLIER: In addition to Swift's November album announcement, the singer-songwriter posted black and white artwork of herself, which she updated her Instagram profile picture with. In addition, she posted a simple picture that goes with the page's black and white vibes, and reads, "first single out tomorrow night." Passionate fans, along with myself, are freaking the heck out at the moment, and have good reason to be. Something major this way comes, and after this exciting announcement, people are taking to Twitter to shed light on the situation that is toying with all of our emotions.

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While we have no official word yet, Twitter has spoken, and all of our fingers are crossed for a Reputation tour.