'Riverdale's Showrunner May Have Hinted At A MAJOR Jughead Theory

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Ever since Riverdale's Season 3 finale teased Jughead's death, fans have been trying to figure out whether the fan-favorite character really did meet his end or not... and now the show's creator has added some fuel to one of the wildest fan theories. Ahead of the new episode on Wednesday, March 4, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted out a somber photo seemingly confirming Jughead's death, but superfans also noticed a very interesting mention in the photo's caption. Believe it or not, the post has fans wondering if Jughead's cousin Souphead will be on Riverdale as a part of this murder mystery plot, and although I know it sounds ridiculous, the theory also seems exactly like something Riverdale would do.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers through Riverdale Season 4, Episode 14, "How to Get Away with Murder." The recent episodes have finally caught up to all those flash-forwards, seemingly confirming that Jughead did indeed die in mid-March at the hands of his shady new prep school classmates (or Betty... maybe). The death is still as much of a mystery as ever, with the suggestion being that Donna Sweett knocked Betty out with drugs and then framed her for Jughead's murder, but most fans are still convinced Jughead can't really be dead. After all, he's one of the four main characters on the show, and Cole Sprouse has still been popping up in photos from the set long after his character's supposed death.

Despite the belief that Jughead is somehow still alive, nobody has really figured out how or why Jughead may have faked his own death. One of the wildest theories is that Jughead's cousin Souphead may be involved in some sort of cover-up scheme, and surprisingly, Aguirre-Sacasa added fuel to the fire of this theory when he tweeted out this "In Memoriam" card for Jughead.

Along with the photo, Aguirre-Sacasa suggested fans watch the new episode with some tomato soup. The explicit mention of the liquid food item caught the attention of fans who knew about the Souphead theory, and it seemed to confirm their guesses about Jughead's soup-loving cousin appearing on the show.

Souphead is a minor character in the Archie Comics. He's Jughead's younger cousin who looks a lot like him, except for being shorter.

Archie Comics

Due to their resemblance, some Riverdale fans have theorized that Souphead may be integral to Jughead's plan to fake his own death. Perhaps the dead body that looked exactly like Jughead was actually Souphead all along, or maybe Jughead really is dead but Sprouse will remain on the show as Souphead from now on. Whatever the case, Aguirre-Sacasa's mention of soup definitely has the fandom taking the Souphead theory a lot more seriously now.

Find out if Souphead makes his Riverdale debut as Season 4 continues airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.