The cast of This Is Us

There's 1 Character 'This Is Us' Fans Are Desperate To See In Season 4

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us Season 4 had more than a few surprises in the early going. The premiere, of course, shocked viewers by sidelining the series regulars for three new characters. But there was more: Toby joined Crossfit and lost the weight and Deja and Malik started dating. But perhaps the biggest shock of all was a revelation from the past when Kevin called home and revealed just how young he and Sophie were when they got married. But their young love has fans asking, will Sophie be in This Is Us Season 4? Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

Kevin and Sophie have been a star crossed connection since the beginning. They were childhood sweethearts since high school, who married on a whim in New York not long after Jack died. How they broke up the first time hasn't been covered (yet), but it's hard being a 19-year-old out-of-work actor in New York City, even in 1997 when one could still rent a two-bedroom in Brooklyn for under $1k a month.

Kevin and Sophie already got back together once, in This Is Us Season 2. But Kevin's spiraling addiction put an end to it when he had a breakdown telling Sophie that marrying her again would be a nightmare. Not because he didn't want a future with her, but because his drug-addled brain gave him literal nightmares of being a terrible husband all over again. It was enough for Sophie to wake up and realize Kevin needed to work through a lot of stuff.

Since then, Kevin has worked through stuff. He's gotten sober, and he's put his career back together. And most importantly, he's realized what he wants in life: a wife and a kid, the thing that gave him nightmares before. He's discovered that helping people makes him feel good, that dating is a crapshoot, and that perfect isn't going to fall out of the sky.

If there was ever a moment that Kevin was more emotionally ready to be the man Sophie always wanted him to be, this is it.

That's why, when the midseason premiere ended with Kevin's cell phone ringing, and Sophie on the Caller ID, it was like a dream come true. Here is Kevin, ready at least, and here is Sophie, calling.

But to think that's what's going to happen is to fail to learn the lesson of Lizzie. Nothing perfect falls out of the sky.

If I had to put money on it, the message she's leaving will tell him she's engaged to be married, and close the door for good. But still, fans can hope.