Selena's 2021 Music Plans Will Have Her Fans Screaming With Excitement

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Selena Gomez's Dec. 17 interview with Billboard is causing fandemonium among Selenators, and it's all because of a line about her upcoming musical projects. While the feature did cover a range of topics, like the commercial success of her January 2020 album Rare and her new beauty brand of the same name, all it took was the mere mention of a new record to get stans obsessing over what's to come. No official release date is on the books for her new material, so stans are curious: Will Selena Gomez drop an album in 2021?

Without giving too much away, Gomez revealed to Billboard a bite-sized tidbit of information concerning her potential upcoming record. When asked to describe projects currently in the works for the singer, she said "a whole little vessel of good things [are] coming.” Selenators were immediately divided on Twitter as to how they should interpret the news, but more telling was a detail noted by her interviewer: her next record might end up being sung in a foreign language.

Billboard made special note of the fact that Gomez's aforementioned "little vessel of good things" could "include a Spanish-language project," and Gomez's record label is supportive of her endeavors, regardless of if she decided to make a new album or not. It's the type of news that stans only dream about, especially in the wake of the critical success of her most recent record. "... Obviously, I would like to say that [Rare] was the best album that I’ve released so far. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna challenge myself for the next," she added, only further giving credence to speculation her next big project will be a new album. On top of that, her label's CEO, John Janick of Interscope Records, let Billboard in on a secret: she's got an under-wraps visual "project" coming out in the future.

The gap between Rare and her previous record, Revival, was too much for some fans to handle, considering their lead single releases were about five years apart. Whatever album era she's currently plotting, it's likely coming sooner rather than later, as evidenced by her quotes in the Dec. 17 interview. The motivation behind a Spanish-language project could have something to do with the powerhouse success of "Taki Taki," her 2018 collaboration with Cardi B, DJ Snake, and Puerto Rican recording artist Ozuna.

While rumors swirl on Twitter as to the nature of her upcoming project, Selenators are already gearing up for something big — so, don't get caught being a "Bad Liar," Selena. Give the fans what they want!

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