Could Kelsey Weier be the next Bachelorette?

Kelsey Weier Could Become The Next Bachelorette, But Does She Want To?


Even though Peter Weber's Bachelor season has yet to wrap, fans have already started speculating about what's next for the franchise. Bachelorettes are usually chosen from the current Bachelor season, so fans are naturally wondering if one of the last women standing, Kelsey Weier, could be the Bachelorette in 2020. Her recent comments hint at what she wants for her future with the franchise.

In an interview with People, Kelsey hinted at her willingness to become the 2020 Bachelorette, and overall it seemed like she was open to the idea — although she makes it clear that was not her goal when she started Peter's season. She said:

Coming into this, that was never my intent or goal. It was always to see if this actually could work for me. And I thought it could with Peter ... honestly up until I started to figure out my feelings towards Peter, it’s never something that I’ve even thought about.

Since Kelsey made it so far in Peter's season (she got sent home after hometowns) it's totally plausible ABC would choose her as the next lead. Hannah Brown, the previous Bachelorette, didn't even make it that far when she was a contestant on Colton's season of The Bachelor, so Kelsey definitely lasted long enough to make the cut.

Fans also grew to know Kelsey well through all of her memorable moments on the show; she even became a meme thanks to"champagnegate" earlier in the season. Through all of the season's events, she became a memorable contestant who many fans want to see more of, possibly on her own journey to find love.

Despite her elimination, Kelsey said she's happy with her Bachelor journey: “Are there things I wish I could have done differently? Yeah," she told People. "But do I necessarily regret everything I did? No, just because it was a learning experience for me." Since being the Bachelorette is all about sharing honest, open moments in front of millions of people, Kelsey's mindset could make her a good fit for the role.

Fans will have to wait for the official announcement from ABC — which will happen on Good Morning America on Monday, March 2, to see if Kelsey is the franchise's next lead.