Fans All Have 1 Question About Jordan Fisher After Watching 'To All The Boys 2'


When the doe-eyed dreamboat John Ambrose finally appeared in To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, fans thought it was all over for their dear Lara Jean. While this manic pixie dream boy may not have gotten the fairy-tale ending he deserved, (WARNING: spoilers ahead) thirsty fans are dying to know if Jordan Fisher will be in To All The Boys 3.

The third film in the To All The Boys series was officially announced in August 2019 and filming concluded near the end of 2019 – they filmed the second and third movies around the same time. Based on the final book in the Jenny Han's TATB series, Always and Forever, Lara Jean, the film should follow Lara Jean and Peter as they wrap up their senior year of high school. Torn apart by college, shifting family dynamics, and one unforgettable trip to South Korea, Peter and Lara Jean have to make some difficult life decisions that could potentially end their relationship. Could this be the perfect time for the dashing hero, John Ambrose, to come back into the picture?

When asked about the chance of his return in the next film, Fisher told Entertainment Tonight, "Possibly, I mean, we'll have to see..." He plead the fifth and explained, "Filming for the third film has already taken place and I, Jordan Fisher, cannot confirm nor deny John Ambrose's involvement in the third film." Thwarted by excellent media training once again.


But never fear John Ambrose stans, the future may still be looking bright for our steadfast hero. When asked about her thoughts on the choice between doating jock Peter Kavinsky and adorable nerd John Ambrose, Lana Condor told Variety, “I think Peter challenges Lara Jean.” She explained, “It’s easy with John Ambrose, but Peter challenges her. So, I’m like, I feel like it’s Peter, but John Ambrose is probably 'end game.' He’s husband material.”

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky may be the perfect high school pairing, but no one stays 16 forever. When the timing is right, it's very possible Lara Jean and Jordan Fisher will meet again, preferably after college when they're both settled in their careers and can maintain a healthy and supportive adult relationship.

Unfortunately, all fans can do for now is speculate. But as long as Netflix doesn't have worms for brains, they've probably already dialed Jordan Fisher's agent to sign him up for 7 more romcoms, ASAP.