Kit Harington Revealed A Major 'GOT' Spoiler About Jon Snow's Fate

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones announced its status as a different kind of show when it chose to follow the book in one crucial aspect: It killed Ned Stark. Every time the majority of fans became attached to a hero, the show killed them off. From Renly Baratheon to Robb Stark, they died. Even Jon Snow was killed off after the Battle of Hardhome. However, since he was resurrected, fans have felt it safe to believe in him as the hero. After all, the show won't kill him off twice, right? Everyone's wondering: Will Jon Snow die in Game of Thrones Season 8?

Game of Thrones was partly sold on the pitch "What If The Hero Dies?" Eight years later, the show's end may wind up as "Finally, A Hero Survives." At least, that's the newest going theory after a wide-ranging interview with Jon Snow actor Kit Harington made it sound like the character makes it to the end.

Speaking to Variety, Harington explained how much bigger this final season is from the first seven, and how much more money HBO poured into the production.

They went balls out, I think is the term. They could have easily set the same budget as they did for Season 7, but they went bigger.

In his explanation as to how much bigger, Harington may have slipped up a bit.

I was there the whole time this year. I felt a bit like people were coming in and out, and Jon Snow was just f*cking there the whole time.

Now, this does not necessarily mean Harington's character is there in the final frame of the series. He could easily die partway through the last episode. However, it does give the sense after seven years of being part of the ensemble, Harington finally takes a real leading man role this time.

Moreover, it heavily indicates his character is there for all the major beats of the last season, including the final installment, which, like the majority of the season's episodes, is feature-length.


Some outlets assume Harington's mention of Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) whose final day on set was the day before Harington's means Tyrion also makes it to the end and dies just before Jon's final scene. But that's not how filming works, especially on a TV series like Game of Thrones. For instance, in Season 7, all the beach scenes at Dragonstone were filmed over a couple of days. From the filming schedule, it looked for all the world like Jon Snow arrived at Dany's new home, he choked Theon upon getting off the boat, and then Theon got in a fistfight with other Ironborn. In reality, these scenes all happened in entirely different episodes. It was just cheaper to film them in that order.

Harington's indication he was there "the whole time" is a much more convincing clue, both as to his amount of screen time and how far he'll go this season. For fans who are bracing for a bloodbath over these last episodes, it's a good sign that at least Jon Snow will survive long enough that it's safe to root for him.

Game of Thrones Season 8 begins on Sunday, April 14, 2019.