Ryan Murphy Teased Joan Collins Will Return As A Witch In 'AHS: Apocalypse'


This season of American Horror Story has several of the main cast playing multiple roles — Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are both pulling triple duty by bringing back two of their characters from past seasons along with new roles — and now it looks like Joan Collins will be taking on a second character in the season as well. After her character was killed surprisingly early, fans were left wondering: will Joan Collins return to AHS: Apocalypse? Thankfully, showrunner Ryan Murphy has revealed that although Evie Gallant may be gone, Joan Collins will be back as a mysterious new character for the second half of Apocalypse. But just who is this new character? Let's get into everything we know so far and some of the theories that AHS fans are already coming up with.

Joan Collins kicked off her first-ever season of American Horror Story as an immediate fan favorite. Her character of the glamorous and biting Evie Gallant provided the comic relief and a heaping helping of dramatic scheming at Outpost 3, but then viewers were shocked when her grandson Mr. Gallant wound up murdering her in the second episode of the season. Really? We only got Joan Collins for two episodes!? Thankfully, Ryan Murphy knows that we needed more of her, and new photos from his Instagram account tease that Collins will return as a witchy new character very soon.

A recent photo posted by Ryan Murphy shows Joan Collins in a big, white wig and black gown watching Cordelia Goode and Madison Montgomery talk in the barn where Michael Langdon performed the Seven Wonders. For fans of the show, the shot clearly suggests that Collins' new character will be a witch.

This is not the first time that Ryan Murphy has teased out this witchy, second character for Joan Collins this season. Before AHS: Apocalypse premiered, Murphy posted a photo of Collins in this same white wig.

And a couple of weeks back, this new Joan Collins character appeared yet again at a dinner table with the rest of the coven, making it even more clear that she is a witch.

It looks like Evie Gallant may have been placed under the same identity spell as Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt, Dinah Stevens, and Mallory, all of whom we also found out were secretly witches whose memories had been erased. Or, another theory is that this new character is a relative of Evie's that has been brought back from the dead. But of course, the real question is how this new witch is related to the rest of the coven?

Many fans seem to think the new Joan Collins character is a former Supreme, whom the rest of the coven will resurrect in order to aid in the fight against Michael Langdon. Other fans are guessing that she may be connected to Mallory, possibly as her grandmother, since we still need to know more about Billie Lourd's mysteriously powerful witch.

One of the most specific and convincing theories is that Joan Collins will be playing Mimi DeLongpre, who was a character mentioned in both Murder House and Coven (a perfect choice for this crossover season). In Murder House, Constance Langdon mentioned she had cousins named Eveline and Steve DeLongpre in Virginia. In Coven, we learn that Mimi DeLongpre was the coven Supreme in the early 1900s. Eveline DeLongpre could actually be Evie Gallant, and given their last names, Mimi may have been closely related to Eveline. If Joan Collins is playing Mimi DeLongpre, it could provide a historical and biological connection between Michael Langdon and the coven.

We will just have to wait and see who Joan Collins will return as in the upcoming episodes of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which air Wednesday nights on FX.