Here Are The Odds Jed Joins 'Bachelor In Paradise,' In Case You're Not Over Him

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

It's no secret certain Bachelor franchise contestants often use spinoff series Bachelor in Paradise as their chance to redeem themselves from a messy first impression. Sometimes their plans work, but otherwise, they dig themselves into even deeper holes in the eyes of Bachelor Nation. As the vilified ex-fiancé of Bachelorette Hannah Brown, Jed Wyatt is far from being fans' favorite, but that doesn't stop people from wondering whether Jed will be on Bachelor in Paradise. TBH, his chances are basically non-existent this year, but let's break down why.

In June 2019, halfway through the airing of Hannah's Bachelorette season, Jed's ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens publicly alleged Jed was dating her right until he went on the show, with her approval. He reportedly promised her he was using The Bachelorette solely to promote his music, but he then failed to contact her after filming wrapped. As captured on The Bachelorette finale, Jed told Hannah his relationship with Stevens wasn't serious and confessed he had been seeing other women during his time with her, though he also admitted to taking a trip with Stevens on more than one occasion.

Jed and Hannah ultimately split over the phone in the aftermath of Stevens' report. Although Jed apologized for his actions on the live Bachelorette finale, it doesn't seem Bachelor Nation would exactly welcome the sight of him and his guitar anytime soon. But in case Jed is up for finding love within the franchise again, his possible Bachelor in Paradise appearance probably won't be for at least another year. Paradise typically films in June, which was when Jed and Hannah were engaged and then dealing with Stevens' allegations. Never say never, but the likelihood of Jed having flown to Paradise as soon as he became single isn't very high.


However, Paradise history proves even those closest to a Bachelorette have eventually found their way to the beach. Runner-ups such as Nick Viall and Blake Horstmann have joined Paradise at least a year after their Bachelorette seasons, and Final Rose pick Josh Murray even appeared on Season 3 of Paradise two years after he and Bachelorette Andi Dorfman split. At the end of that season, Josh proposed to fellow contestant Amanda Stanton, but the relationship didn't last.

Jed clearly wasn't Hannah's Mr. Right, but going by this pattern, he might sing his way into a Paradise contestant's heart in another season or two. The summer series usually welcomes a handful of surprise contestants who don't appear in early promos, and while they're not quite anticipating Jed, some fans are actually rooting for Stevens and Peter Weber's ex-girlfriend Calee Lutes to join Paradise.

Both Stevens and Lutes went public with their reported experiences of the Season 15 contestants breaking up with them to pursue the Bachelorette opportunity. If they popped up on the show, Chris Harrison could call it the most dramatic season of Paradise ever and I'd actually believe him. If ABC tosses Jed into that mix, the longtime host officially has the right to use as much hyperbole as possible.

For now, Bachelor Nation can look forward to seeing a new cast full of fan favorites and franchise veterans when the newest season of Bachelor in Paradise kicks off. Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Aug. 5, on ABC.