George from The CW's 'Nancy Drew'

This 'Nancy Drew' Detail Spells Danger For George & TBH, I'm Nervous

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Audiences were only recently introduced to the main cast of Nancy Drew, but already they might need to get ready to say goodbye to one of the characters. The CW's new drama is not wasting any time teasing a possibly fatal end for an early fan-favorite. After an ominous detail in the Oct. 16 episode, many fans are wondering: Will George die in Nancy Drew Season 1? She received a bad omen that has audiences worried about her future.

Warning: Spoilers for Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 2 follow. Even after only two episodes of Nancy Drew, two things are very clear to audiences: The town of Horseshoe Bay is filled with superstitions, and the people of town might have very good reason for sticking to them. A lot of people in the town believe Horseshoe Bay is haunted by the ghost of Dead Lucy, a young woman who died the night she was crowned the Horseshoe Bay Sea Queen almost 20 years ago. A lot of mysterious activity in the town gets blamed on Dead Lucy's ghost, and the citizens of the town also practice a lot of superstitious traditions in order to (hopefully) keep danger at bay. One of those is the bucket ritual, which takes place the last night of the Summer Festival each year. In Episode 2, what's usually a fun tradition turned into a very bad sign for George.

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The bucket ritual dictates that each citizen of the town places a bucket of sea water in front of their home the last night of the Summer Festival. At the stroke of midnight, they're supposed to knock the bucket over. If there's sea water in the bucket, they're fine. But if blood spills out from the bucket, then that person is fated to die within the year. All of the main characters participated in the tradition in the Oct. 16 episode and found their buckets filled with clean sea water (or as clean as sea water can ever be). But, when it was George's (Leah Lewis) turn to knock over her bucket, she was met with a vast pool of blood. Uh, yikes.

Whether or not you believe in the Horseshoe Bay superstition, seeing a pool of blood on your front step is a pretty scary thing. So no matter where George stands on the superstition debate, it makes sense that she looked absolutely terrified when she knocked over her bucket.

It definitely doesn't help that George might actually have real reason to fear for her life. The show revealed George has been caught up in a romantic affair with Ryan Hudson (Riley Smith), whose wife Tiffany Hudson just died under very mysterious circumstances. After Ryan arranged for Tiffany's body to be moved to a morgue outside Horseshoe Bay, suspicions arose that Ryan is trying to cover up his possibly nefarious role in her death. If Ryan has a history of harming his lovers, then George really might need to look out for her life.

No matter what, George is embroiled in the investigation into Tiffany's death, and so far it's clear that danger surrounds this case. If the bucket omen means anything, then George definitely should be careful in upcoming episodes.

Season 1 of Nancy Drew continues on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.