'Westworld' Fans Are All Asking 1 Big Question About Dolores' Season 3 Fate

by Ani Bundel

When Westworld began back in Season 1, it started with Dolores. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed ideal of "The Farmer's Daughter," she lived her life on a small, modest loop. Dolores has come a long way since then. She discovered her past as the first host ever built, and became a revolutionary. Then she went into the real world and became an idealist, ready to remake the world. But fans are wondering, will Dolores be in Westworld Season 4? Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 3 follow.

Dolores once lived a simple life, going to town, dropping a can, having it handed to her by a nice man. Then she went home, painted, and talked to her beloved cowboy Teddy. Then as the sun went down, she would be brutally raped and murdered in the barn by guests, who killed Teddy when he tried to rescue her.

But since having her mind unerased, Dolores learned she'd lived dozens of lives. She'd been a sales object for the park convincing men like Delos to invest, and a murderer, killing Arnold on request. Dolores had even been a modern girl in a simulation in Park 5, where US Army soldiers trained. That's where she first saw Caleb and recognized he was a good man and a born leader.

But more than anything, Dolores saw the potential for good in this world, if only Serac (and Rehoboam's) control could be lifted. She sacrificed herself twice over to make it happen. The first time, Dolores killed herself to shut down Solomon at the end of Episode 7. Then, at the end of Episode 8, she died again, this time to help Maeve see her way clear to siding against Serac.

Dolores died because Serac erased her memory packets piece by piece in a futile hunt for the key to the Sublime. (She never implanted it in herself, it was in Bernard.) As he took her out, she stood with Maeve by the river, and the two of them remembered each other as they once were, at their happiest, in the park for one last time. Then Dolores vanished.

With Dolores gone, Maeve and Caleb teamed up to defeat Serac and walked out into the new world to start anew. But is that the end of Dolores' story?

Dolores wasn't the only one who died in this episode. William, the Man In Black, who once loved her, also died in the finale. If this was the end of Westworld's first couple, it was a good one.

But actress Evan Rachel Wood has been the heart and soul of the show since its beginning. Can it continue without her? After all, she's a host. She once imagined Bernard again and brought him back. Could he return the favor come Season 4?