The 'Burn The Stage' Trailer Left American BTS Fans With One Major Question

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Twitter

BTS fans everywhere are so excited about the trailer for the upcoming BTS movie titled Burn The Stage: The Movie. One huge part of the trailer, in particular, has fans who don't speak Korean worried, however, and leaving them with one burning question: Will Burn The Stage have English subtitles? The official trailer for the movie dropped late on Oct. 23, and some English-speaking fans were surprised it didn't come with English subtitles.

This has English-speaking fans on Twitter concerned that the movie itself won't have English subtitles when it comes out in theaters, but there's no need to fear! AMC has confirmed that there will be English subtitles for English-speaking moviegoers. The AMC Guest Services Twitter account replied to a fan's tweet confirming that the film is spoken in Korean, but AMC theaters in the U.S. will be playing it with English subtitles.

"The trailer did not include any subs," the fan's tweet said. "Will English subtitles be on while being played in the theaters?"

AMC responded with a short and sweet, "We will be showing Burn the Stage with English subtitles." And there you have it!

The trailer for Burn The Stage: The Movie dropped on Oct. 23. The movie will release in select theaters on Nov. 15.

Based on the trailer, English-speaking fans were concerned that the movie wouldn't have English subtitles, which would mean they wouldn't know what was being said in the film. Something about this fandom tells me that they would see it regardless, but I'm sure it's nice to know there will be subtitles.

But there was nothing to fear, my little BTS stans. AMC confirmed that its showings of the film will have English subtitles.

And it's safe to assume any American theater will have subtitles as well.

The movie follows Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, RM, Jin, and J-Hope during their 2017 Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour and is based on the group's YouTube series of the same name that started in March 2017. The movie will apparently include new interviews with the boys, behind-the-scenes footage of their lives on tour, footage of the performances themselves, and more.

And it will also feature this excellent clip of J-Hope and a 10/10 doggo named Yeontan.

~Did you see my bagggg~.

The original BTS: Burn The Stage documentary series debuted on YouTube Red on March 28. The series was eight episodes long and gave a special inside look into the lives of the BTS members as they were on their Wings tour. The movie is going to expand on all of that, and will, of course, touch a lot on the BTS ARMY's (the name of the BTS fandom) dedication to and love for the group, just like the show did. For fans who have been part of the BTS ARMY ever since the group got together, the Burn The Stage movie is definitely going to be an emotional couple of hours. Brace yourselves. Nov. 15 is coming.