Betty's Twist Ending On 'Riverdale' Has Everyone Even More Suspicious Of Edgar

by Dylan Kickham

There are officially only two episodes left in the third season of Riverdale, which seems impossible because there are at least a million things that need to be explained before this season ends. We still have absolutely no idea who the Gargoyle King is, or what is up with The Farm, or whether anyone even goes to school anymore. Thankfully, we kind of got a partial answer to that last mystery on this week's new episode, and the twist ending promised even bigger revelations to come. The question of will Betty join The Farm on Riverdale has been steadily building all season long, and it seems to have finally happened.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 20, "Prom Night." Last week's episode revealed a lot of things about The Farm, but the cult is still shrouded in mystery. We found out that Evelyn Evernever is actually Edgar's wife who has been masquerading as a teenager for the past decade, and that Edgar is now planning on marrying Alice Cooper and adopting Polly's twins Juniper and Dagwood. Most importantly, though, last week's episode seemed to confirm that Edgar's real goal in all of this is to get Betty to join The Farm, even though we have no idea why yet.

Edgar's wish seems to be coming true at the end of this week's new episode, though. At the beginning of the episode, it actually sounds like Betty and Jughead have found the smoking gun that will prove Edgar is the Gargoyle King — a tattoo artist reveals to them that he inked Gargoyle King symbols on the back of a sandy-haired man with blue eyes about a year ago. Finally, everything seems to be adding up... until Betty confronts Edgar about the tattoos, that is. She demands to see his back, but Edgar turns around and there are not tattoos on his back.


This raises a couple questions, like could Edgar be hiding the tattoos somehow, or is there another blonde man with blue eyes in town that we should be suspicious of?

Edgar only gets more suspicious as the episode continues. At Riverdale High's prom, Betty and Jughead make a plan to have Betty crowned prom queen, basing it on some ritual found in the Gargoyle King's gospel that promises he will be summoned. Notably, Edgar forbid Cheryl Blossom from campaigning for prom queen, which cleared Betty's path to follow through with her plan. Hmmm...

But Betty's plan gets derailed when the Gargoyle King sends her a note threatening her to come to the school hallways alone. When Betty comes face to face with the Gargoyle King this time, she pulls a gun on him, but is tackled by the Black Hood before she can shoot. Yep — the Black Hood is back... and he's got a hook for a hand now, apparently. Betty assumes the Black Hood is her dad, whom she had already guessed was faking his death in the prison transfer accident, but it is unclear whether this is Hal Cooper or some new person posing as the Black Hood. Just add that to the pile of mysteries that we are already dealing with, I guess.

In the end, the attack drives Betty to her mother and, still shaken, Betty actually agrees to stay at The Farm when Edgar offers his protection. This all makes Edgar seem incredibly suspicious, as if he was probably behind the Gargoyle King and Black Hood's attack on Betty the whole time. After all, the result of the attack was what Edgar has been wanting this whole time: Betty Cooper joining The Farm. Is Edgar somehow able to control the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood, or was he under one of those masks himself? We will have to wait to get those answers in the final two episodes of Riverdale Season 3.