Fans Are Convinced This ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Character Is Definitely Going To Die & OMG

by Laura Rizzo

The latest promo for Grey's Anatomy has people SHOOK. Fans of the show already need to have a high tolerance for losing their favorite characters due to plane crashes, bus accidents, and hospital shootings. However, the next potential loss may be too big to handle. Fans across the country asked through teary eyes, "Will Dr. Bailey die on Grey's Anatomy?" after seeing the teaser for the upcoming episode. Honestly, I don't know, friends, I just don't know. After the promo was released, people on Twitter unleashed. Fans are convinced Bailey is a total goner.

We have all taken refuge in Dr. Miranda Bailey. She's trustworthy, reliable, and an overall badass who tells it like it is. That's why I'm terrified to watch the new episode. The promo for the new episode on Feb. 1 starts with some close-up shots of Bailey with her voice calmly explaining,

My name is Miranda Bailey. I am chief of surgery, and I believe that I am having a heart attack.

NOOOOO. NOT A HEART ATTACK. Oh wait, she seems good. The next scene is her sitting up in a hospital bed telling Richard Webber (aka The Chief) and Maggie Pierce, "I'll be damned if I let a blocked artery take me down." That seems uplifting, right? Wrong. So wrong.

The very next shot is Pierce shrieking, "Bailey!" as the powerful Dr. Bailey falls to the ground and is being fitted for an oxygen mask. Then we see Ben Warren receive some seemingly disturbing news on the phone followed by him racing down the street. The whole thing is very troubling.

One thing is for sure — things aren't looking good for Bailey. Fans on Twitter cannot handle the idea of Dr. Bailey getting killed off.

People are even vowing to quit Grey's Anatomy if Bailey does indeed die.

It's too soon to tell Bailey's fate, but it's looking a little bleak. Fans of Grey's understand our favorite characters getting killed off. During the entire run of the show, main characters such as Mark Sloan, George O'Malley, and Lexie Grey (to name a few) all succumbed to the same fate that's facing Bailey.

Shonda Rhimes DGAF, and knows how to make an amazingly dramatic show. Obviously, it makes fans that much more invested in the plot, and we love her for it.

The show is so successful, there's a steamy new spinoff coming. The highly anticipated show launching Mar. 22 will focus on the fire department in Seattle. The toughest part of creating the 10-episode spinoff is apparently choosing a name — as of now, it's only known as "Grey's Anatomy Spinoff." ABC execs told Entertainment Weekly,

The truth of the matter is [that] coming up with a title is one of the most challenging things we do. We've gone through a number of different options and ideas. We want to make sure what we stick on it is the perfect piece.

The network also explained that the name Seattle Fire is out of the running because of the popular NBC show, Chicago Fire.

As for the cast, fans will see some familiar faces. Dr. Ben Warren (played by Jason George) from Grey's first spinoff, Private Practice, will appear as one of the main characters.

Part of what will make fans so invested in this new show is the bond among the characters. Much like hospital workers, fire fighters share a lot of time together resulting in a tight-knit bond. George told Entertainment Weekly,

They are not blood relatives, but they are family hands down, almost beyond anything else. They eat dinner together, they live together every 24-hour shift; literally, they're a family for those periods when they're on shift, a family that also happens to completely and utterly have their lives depending on each other in a way that virtually no other job does.

Also keep an eye out for female lead, Jaina Lee Ortiz, to make an appearance in an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy.

When it comes to Bailey, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. Grey's has been going strong for 14 Seasons without disappointing us yet. We must keep our faith in Shonda Rhimes.

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