Fans think Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga will collaborate on a song together.

Get Excited, Y'all: Fans Think Ariana & Lady Gaga Will Collab On A Song

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Little Monsters have been getting spoiled these past few weeks, as Lady Gaga has not only dropped her new song and music video for "Stupid Love," but she also announced her upcoming album, Chromatica, and a new tour. Now, rumor has it Ariana Grande may feature on the new record. Since the album's release is only a few weeks away, fans think a collaboration announcement can come any day now. The reasons why fans think Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga will collaborate will surprise you.

Every time an artist announces a new album, fans can't wait to find out if the project will have any collaborations. Over the years, Gaga has worked with everyone from Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake, to New Kids on the Block and Bradley Cooper, so fans are hoping Chromatica will have a few collaborations as well.

The singer hasn't revealed much info about her upcoming album, besides its April 10 release date, but fans are convinced she'll announce a Grande feature soon. Fans theories' all came down to the stars' socal media posts, which they think are hints about the possible team-up.

For example, on Wednesday, March 4, Grande shared a picture of her new nail art, revealing its beautiful and shimmery design. Fans pointed out that Grande doesn't usually style her nails that way, and they connected the theme to Gaga's colorful new era. Both Gaga and Grande's fans took this as a hint the stars filmed a music video for their rumored collab.

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Grande's nails aren't the only reason why fans think this team up is happening. On March 2, Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller said she saw Grande and Gaga at the same rehearsal studio. Although, Jojo Siwa and Justin Bieber were apparently there, too, so it's possible Grande and Gaga were practicing separately. Miller wrote,

I went to visit @itsjojosiwa & @richysquirrel and all the fab DREAM Tour dancers in their rehearsal, but I got a little lost on the way... rolled right into Bieber’s rehearsal first then almost rolled over little miss @arianagrande ! I was making my way to @ladygaga when security caught up to me! Lol

Finally, the last reason why fans believe this collab is coming is the stars' social media interactions. According to fans, Grande has been liking a lot of Gaga's recent posts. On March 5, Gaga even shared a snap with her boyfriend, and Grande left a sweet comment, writing, "Adore u both so much."

As to whether this collab is happening for real, for now, it seems fans will have to wait until Chromatica's April 10 release to find out.