Froot Loops Just Added A New Flavor & Shape, So Pour Yourself A Bowl


OK, don't get me wrong: I can definitely appreciate a fancy meal from time to time. But in my humble opinion, there's nothing better than feasting on a hefty bowl of cereal... especially if its filled with Froot Loops. Just add a splash of almond milk and a sliced banana, and I'm good to go. Even though the classic Froot Loops flavor is hard to beat, there's a new flavor on the market. That's right: Wild Berry Froot Loops are officially here, and there's a new star shape in the box. I don't know about you, but I am HYPED.

Move over, boys, because Kellogg's will forever have the key to my heart... #SorryNotSorry, I'm taken. Anyway, according to a press release, the cereal company officially announced the launch of their new Wild Berry Froot Loops cereal on Tuesday, May 15, and they'll be rolling out to grocery store shelves in the next few weeks. My lucky spoon is ready, my cereal bowl is clean, and I am so hungry. Get in my belly.

Upon opening the box, you can smell wafts of sweet and tart berry flavors, according to the press release. Just one spoonful bursts with juicy, crunchy flavors. Ugh BRB, I'm drooling RN.

The best part of Wild Berry Froot Loops is that they're a total sight for sore eyes. Not only are they super colorful, but each box includes purple star-shaped pieces. Gazing into a bowl interlaced with beautiful stars can seriously take your breath away. I mean, have you ever seen anything more gorgeous in your entire life?


Also, you probably didn't realize this, but this unique addition to Kellogg's lineup is a total milestone. No, not because it's of its looks, or because of its extraordinary taste. Apparently, this is the first Froot Loops innovation in ten freaking years. One entire decade. A whopping 3,650 days. In all honesty, this is way too much excitement for me at such an early hour — but, it'll most likely be the best news I hear all day long. I want to wish all of you the happiest of hump days, because Froot Loops is totally killin' the game right now.


This is only the start of good news. According to the press release, Froot Loops will also be launching a new collection of fan-designed fashion. It'll be part of their #WhateverFrootsYourLoops campaign, in partnership with AWAYTOMARS. There aren't many details as to what this Froot Loops-inspired line of clothing will look like, but needless to say, I'll be wearing it all day, everyday. Froot Loops for life, y'all.

If you somehow happen to hit your maximum Froot Loop intake, I have the perfect cereal for you, and it's a total TBT. In case you didn't know, Oreo O's are back, and they're better than ever. After getting discontinued in 2007, Oreo O's were able to make a glorious comeback to grocery store shelves in June 2017. The delightful Oreo-flavored cereal had been dearly missed in my snack cabinet, and their revival was oh-so-sweet. So '90s kids, rejoice. Get your hands on this ASAP if you haven't already.

One of my life mottos happens to be, "cereal is love, cereal is life." If you agree with this (true AF) statement, it's probably time for you to trek over to your closest grocery store, and seek out a box of Wild Berry Froot Loops. Not only is the berry flavor unique and amazing, but eating it will really throw you for a loop. It'll literally make you feel like a star. And, not to mention, they're the latest and greatest update to the glorious line of cereal that is Froot Loops. This new Froot Loop variety is making some history right now, and it's definitely something to get excited about. TBH, I've never been more ready to go grocery shopping in my entire life.