Why Your Bestie’s Opinion Of Your Significant Other Really Matters The Most

Things have gotten pretty serious with bae, but before you can fully find peace in your relationship, it's time for the ultimate test. No, your boo doesn't need a number two pencil or anything. You want them to meet and really bond with your bestie, because your best friend's opinion of your significant other is so, so important.

Your bestie was likely there from the beginning — and let me retract that idea of this being a test. Your BFF isn't going to quiz your SO about how well they know you. She's a good vibes kind of a person, and ultimately, she really wants to get to know the special human who has entered her best friend's life. Because your bestie probably doesn't immediately judge anyone, her opinion is golden to you.

Your best interest is your BFF's best interest — and that's why they will make an effort to get to know your SO, even if they have to third wheel at an outing. You two talk about EVERYTHING, and as far as people you're interested in are concerned? You two could have a total field day. Out of all the people you'll feel pressured to impress with your SO, your best friend really isn't one of them. You value that heart-to-heart time you two will have when your BFF gives you their honest viewpoint, because their opinion matters the most in so many ways.

She Always Keeps It Real
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Even if her impression isn't the best, she is always going to be brutally honest with you. BFFs are willing to tell you the good, bad, and the ugly. You trust her to give you her 411, because you know that those feelings are from somewhere sincere and genuine.

You Value Her Opinion
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Her opinion means a lot to you, because it is never blatant or unexplained. She always seems to consider all odds before giving her ultimate decision on things. She also never allows her opinion to outweigh yours. She values yours in return and trusts your judgment.

She's Always Looking Out For What's Best For You
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Your BFF makes sure that whatever and whoever is in your life, is keeping an oath to make you happy. They should be building you up, not tearing you down — and she will be the gatekeeper if she has to. If you say this person is important to you, she is on board and ready to evaluate.

She Knows You Better Than Anyone
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Yeah, your parents had you and raised you, but your bestie really knows you on another level. Every embarrassing secret or relationship insecurity — she has heard about it. Because she is so in tune with who you are, she'll catch on to all of the good vibes this person brings out of you. She is practically on some next level sh*t.

She Has Her Priorities In Line
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OK, your BFF usually has her priorities in check. You're her girl. But normally, she can evaluate a situation in a mature and realistic way. You just want your SO given a fair shot — and she will give it to them.

She Might Be Catching Onto A Red Flag That You're Overlooking
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Aside from being an awesome BFF, she is also a keen observer. Sometimes, we are so into someone that all we see are heart emojis and tend to overlook subtle warning signs. Your BFF will definitely bring these up to you if they appear.

She Knows All About Your Exes
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This might seem odd, but because your BFF has the lowdown on your exes, her impression and opinion of your SO is important. She has someone to compare them to. Your exes are an example of where you should seriously never go again. The past is the past for sure — but because she is educated on it, she'll genuinely know how promising your present is with your new bae.

She Can Tell Who Sincerely Makes You Happy
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Happiness is all your BFF wants for you — and she'll know when you are truly happy. You may have gotten by in the past pretending to be, but it has never fooled her. Sure, she knows the knickknacks you love and your favorite things to eat, but she will incredibly peep when a person is seriously setting your soul on fire and giving your heart butterflies.

The opinion of your best friend is precious when it comes to your SO. She is in no way being replaced, but she's letting you know she understands why this person is worth making more room for.