4 Reasons Why You Should Spend A Weekend Camping Under The Stars With Your Sis

by Tessa Harvey

If you have a deep passion for the great outdoors, you're not alone. Your family might have gone on hiking trips when you were growing up, and you're excited to carry out that tradition with your sis. Or maybe you were quite the opposite — you preferred getaways to a bustling city. Now that you're adults, whatever your preferences may be, there are so many reasons why you should go camping with your sister that'll strengthen your bond.

If the two of you have become BFFs since you've grown up, this is a fun getaway to plan for a summer or fall weekend. For real though, you went from screaming at each other for raiding each other's closets, to letting her borrow your new dress before you've even worn it. She's the yin to your yang, and you really wouldn't have it any other way. So the question is, why not put this friendship to the test and embark on a wilderness adventure?

The beauty of camping is just how serene it will be; it's the perfect time for some sister bonding, where you can unplug from your hectic schedules. You can alter the location to what suits the two of you — maybe tenting on a sunny beach, or living it up in the mountains. When you're done, you'll be wondering just why it took you so long to plan this kind of trip in your 20s.

Not convinced quite yet? These five reasons may very well change your mind. I know it convinced me. Be right back, going to plan my sister camping trip ASAP.

You'll Have The Dreamiest Backdrop To Reminisce On The Good Old Days

You've made it to your campsite, and the two of you are settling in for the night. What better backdrop to get super nostalgic with your sis than a night sky filled with so many vibrant stars? It'll truly set the entire mood for quality bonding time with your favorite person. You'll catch up on what you've both been up to, and even spill some tea on any drama that's going down in your friend groups.

Your sis also knows just how to distract you from any bear fears -- and that's with her scary stories. Maybe she's bad at them, but they're so funny that you'll spend countless hours cracking up at her horrible ghost impression and filling in the gaps to her stories. Pretty soon, you've forgotten all about your bear illusions.

She Won't Care (As Much) If You Complain About The Great Outdoors

A camping trip is a chance to escape, and truly, you can't think of anywhere else in the moment you'd rather be (But when your hiking socks get a little itchy, your sister won't judge your complaining.) The snarky comments might sneak out of your mouth here and there, but no worries. She's your sister, so she's heard her fair share of your complaints (and you've heard hers). Nothing's going to surprise her now, and telling her, "I swear if I run into one more branch, I'm out of here..." will just end in some laughs and even better memories.

You Can Go In On A Luxurious AF Tent Together

If you're looking to go full-on glamping, don't forget to bring a mansion-sized tent and some fun battery-operated string lights. You won't even be breaking the bank, because you and your sis can split the cost. One of the best parts about camping is how much you can share together out in the wilderness without any interruptions.

Who Else Is Going To Be Game For Getting The Best Angles For All Of Your Plandid Pics?

Because she's the absolute best, your sister doesn't mind getting down on the ground and into the bushes to capture the best shot. Your friends might get annoyed if you ask them to snap some pics, but your sis has an IDGAF kind of attitude, because she knows you'll be taking some of her, too. She knows the best kind of picture is a plandid, and she also knows just what you mean when you say "Get my good side!"