BTS Wasn't At The GAON Chart Music Awards, But They Still Won A Bunch Of Awards

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Music awards season is winding down in the K-Pop world with one of the final ceremonies being the 2019 GAON Chart Music Awards that went down on Wednesday, Jan. 23. But many fans all over the globe who tuned in for the festivities were left wondering, why wasn't BTS at the 2019 GAON Chart Music Awards? Well, if you were paying attention to BTS' Twitter account after the Seoul Music Awards on Jan. 15, you would have known the boys were never scheduled to attend and the reason why isn't that hard to guess.

After spending the last three months touring all over the world while simultaneously hitting up nearly every Korean music award show and end-of-year festival (and delivering an amazing and unique performance at each one), BTS has apparently decided to take the remainder of awards season off for some much-needed rest and relaxation as they prepare to jump into their rumored next comeback head first.

The guys have been working non-stop lately and understandably require a bit of downtime. Actually, Jimin revealed on Twitter that the Seoul Music Awards was their last award show stop of the season while hinting at more amazing new things to come in the future.

“Everyone, it was our last award show (of the season),” Jimin wrote on Twitter on Jan. 15. “Thanks to you, we were now able to wrap up the past year. Let’s make more fun and beautiful memories together this year too #JIMIN #OurARMYGotAnAward.”

The guys won the top prize at the Seoul Music Awards, so it was a really big night for them! Here’s a video of them being announced as winners and giving their acceptance speech:

Even though the guys weren't at the GAON Chart Music Awards, they still took home quite a few awards.

One award they were up for was Artist of the Year (Digital Music). Unlike many other awards ceremonies that nominate only a select few songs based on an entire year's worth of releases, the GAON Chart Music Awards selects nominations for Artist of the Year on a month-by-month basis. So, BTS was up for the May 2018 Artist of the Year award for two different tracks (“Fake Love" and “The Truth Untold”) as well as in August for "Idol."

BTS was also up for the Artist of the Year (Physical Album) award which is based on quarterly chart data. BTS was up for both the second and third quarters of 2018. Here’s a look at all the nominees.

Artist of the Year (Physical Album) - Second Quarter

  • EXO-CBX – “Blooming Days”
  • TWICE – “What is Love?”
  • Wanna One – “1÷χ=1 (UNDIVIDED)”
  • NU’EST W – “WHO, YOU”
  • BTS – “Love Yourself: Tear”

Artist of the Year (Physical Album) - Third Quarter

  • GOT7 – “Present : YOU”
  • NCT Dream – “We Go Up”
  • TWICE – “Summer Nights”
  • BTS – “Love Yourself: Answer”
  • SEVENTEEN – “You Make My Day”

BTS won both of these awards and even recorded a nice video message to thank fans (apparently filmed while they were attending the Golden Disk Awards in early January).

BTS also won the K-Pop Contribution/Lifetime Achievement Award, which was decided based on judging panels composed of industry professionals.

It's a given that the boys probably would have loved to be at the GAON Chart Music Awards in person, but as much as they give off superhuman vibes, they're not superhuman and it's understandable if they needed to take a pass on this award show. But congratulations to them, nonetheless, on adding even more GAON Chart Music Awards to their shelf!